Are driving instructors embracing technology?

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A new study from the adiNEWS and Hitachi Capital Driving Instructor Solutions has found that many driving instructors are embracing technology as aids to help them run their own businesses.

The research, which questioned the habits of more than 1,400 driving instructors, found that 85% of them own a smartphone, a tablet or both. The majority of these own an Apple device, with either an iPhone or an iPad.

Despite this, 44% of the instructors asked did not use apps even though 83% of them said they understand what an app is. 40% of the driving instructors who are using apps to help with the running of their business said training aids for use during driving lessons are the most useful, whilst 7% make regular use of diary management and booking apps.

Are you bamboozled by technology?

Driving instructors cited confusion and the perceived costs of technology as the main reasons why they’re yet to enter the digital age, with a quarter of those asked admitting that they didn’t really understand how a smartphone or tablet would work.

Advantages for your business

Embracing technology is a great way to get your business out there and can be beneficial for connecting with prospective learners. Making sure you’re marketing yourself to the correct audience is vital, and ensuring that you’re active online can be really important for your business.

Social media channels, like Facebook and Twitter, for example, allow you to connect with people including customers and colleagues, but only 3.5% of the driving instructors surveyed were active on social media channels.

Mike Brown, general manager at Hitachi Capital Driving Instructor Services, said:

“With the majority of driving instructors’ target audience prolific users of Facebook and Twitter, this can be a great way to grow your business and reach out to new customers – as well as connecting and communicating quickly and effectively with existing clients.”

Paul Caddick, managing editor at adiNEWS adds to this:

“There will always be a portion of the industry that prefers to use their tried and trusted methods to plan and run their business, but there is so much potential to utilise modern technology both inside and outside the training vehicle, whether to improve service provision or potential profits.

“With technology advancing all the time, instructors can really help themselves and their pupils get ahead by fully embracing what is available.”

Let us know what you think. Are you a driving instructor who embraces technology or are you left bewildered by smartphones and social media?

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