Driving Lessons in Brighton

The complete guide to selecting a driving school and passing your driving test in Brighton.

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How to choose a driving school in Brighton

You should get an instructor who:

  • Supports you
  • Makes learning enjoyable
  • Won’t cost a fortune!

To help with that, cross off these 5 things:

1. Compare reviews

There are schools in Brighton that only show their best reviews. Head over to Driving School Reviews and Trustpilot to get a wider range of viewpoints from learners like you.

2. Beware of terms and conditions

Have a look through the driving school’s terms and conditions so you’re not caught unawares by any hidden policies. There are some schools in Brighton that won’t refund unused hours if you block book lessons but don’t finish them.

3. Make sure your instructor is qualified

Learning with a fully qualified instructor (Approved Driving Instructor) will get you the best learning experience. There are some driving schools in Brighton that employ instructors who are still in training (Potential Driving Instructors) who will not have as much experience.

4. Check that you can switch instructors

Make sure your driving school lets you switch instructors if, for example, you’re moving to a new area that your instructor won’t be able to cover. You can get a new instructor straight away with some schools in Brighton, but not all of them guarantee this.

5. Avoid long waiting times

Be certain you know when a driving school will let you start lessons before you pay. There are driving schools in Sutton that won’t show their waiting times until after you are halfway through the online booking process. To avoid waiting for much longer than you’d like to, ask about their waiting times.

Choosing between manual and automatic

Choose between manual or automatic driving lessons before you start learning to drive.

Firstly, it's important to know a manual licence lets you drive both manuals and automatics, whereas automatic licenses only let you drive automatics. So it's the best route to go if you’re unsure about which car you’re going to want.

Manual cars are cheaper than automatics, not just to buy but to maintain and get lessons for. You might also like the sense of control that a manual gives you.

Automatics, on the other hand, are much more relaxing in traffic since they don’t have a clutch pedal. This means you only need to use the two pedals for brake and acceleration, which makes congestion much less stressful.

Now it’s down to you to make the choice!

Choosing your test centre

Here are test centres closest to the Brighton area. Once you choose one, your instructor can help you prepare for it.

Test centre pass rates

Burgess Hill

DVSA practical car test pass rates, 2018-2019.

Burgess Hill Test Centre | Pass rate: 47.6%

Expect main roads like the A2300 and lots of roundabouts here. This test centre has a pass rate very close to the Uk national average.

Address: Off Charles Avenue, Victoria Industrial Estate, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 9AG

Lancing Test Centre | Pass rate: 41.8%

You’ll find Lancing Test Centre within Lancing Business Park Office. Be sure to arrive no more than 10 minutes before your appointment time here.

Address: 49 Chartwell Road, Lancing Business Park, Lancing, West, Sussex, BN15 8TU

Crawley Test Centre | Pass rate: 47.6%

Crawley Test Centre is right next to the A23 dual carriageway. This means it will likely come up on your test.

Address: Unit 2 The Pavillions, Brighton Road, Pease Pottage, Crawley, West Sussex, RH11 9BJ

Check out the DVSA page to find your nearest driving test centre.

Test tips from Brighton instructors

1. Take care on high-speed roads

At Burgess Hill Test Centre, A roads will feature on the driving test like the A273 and A2300. Take care here as these high-speed roads require confidence in approaching traffic speed before joining.

2. Prepare for roundabouts

You’ll have lots of roundabouts with each test centre, but especially with Burgess Hill Test Centre. Expect to head down Leyland Road, London Road, Cuckfield Road and Slip Road and all the roundabouts on them.

3. Take a lesson beforehand

Taking a driving lesson beforehand can improve your confidence which may increase your chances of passing your test. Go over any roads you’re unsure of just in case they come up in the practical.

4. Bring all you need

You’ll need your provisional driving license and theory test pass certificate for your practical. If you don’t bring both, your test will be cancelled and you will have to pay for another one.

What if you could pass in 17 fewer hours?

You’ll get top-rated help from our instructors to help you pass in 17 fewer hours than the UK average. Also, have a look at the Midrive Learner app for tips and advice for your practical test.

Other benefits you’ll get:

  • Availability within 7 days
  • Instructor rematches at any time
  • Refund on unused hours

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Where we provide lessons in Brighton

You'll be pleased to know that we cover all of Brighton. Here’s just a handful of our top areas:

Brighton Marina, Coldean, Goring-by-Sea, Hove, Kemptown, The Lanes, Littlehampton, Preston Stanmer Heights, West Blatchington and Woodingdean.

You can check the lesson pricing in your local area with just your postcode.