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Driving Lessons in Nottingham

Pass faster with our top-rated driving instructors in Nottingham. Prices start from just £23 an hour.

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Where we provide lessons in Nottingham

Don’t worry, no matter where you are in Nottingham we’ll be there. Some of our top areas are:

Beeston, Carlton, Grantham, Hyson Green, Radford, Sherwood, Sneinton, Stapleford, Top Valley and Wollaton.

Enter your postcode above to check lesson pricing in your local area of Nottingham.

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Learning to drive in Nottingham

Nottingham is a great place to learn. Its balance of quiet residential streets and main city roads make it perfect for new and advanced learners alike. And our top-rated instructors will be at your side the whole way!

If you’re on the hunt for wide, quiet roads to start out on, our top tip is to head to the Gedling area or the residential streets just south of West Bridgford. There you’ll be able to practise moving off, stopping, signalling, and gear changes without the pressure of a busy road. Gardenia Grove is another top spot. It’s sloped like a lot of Nottingham’s roads (the city is built on an area of low hills), so it works great for hill starts too.

If you’re struggling with manoeuvres, Harwell Crescent is an excellent road to grow your confidence on. It’s wide and the speed is only 20 mph, so it’s the ideal place to execute a three-point turn, reverse into a side road, or sure up your parallel parking.

If you’re looking for something a little faster, the A610 provides some great dual carriageway experience, and leads out to the M1. The M1 can take you south to Loughborough or north to Sheffield - just remember, since it’s a motorway you’ll need your instructor with you, or to have passed your test. On the search for country roads instead? They’re on the edge of the city in abundance. Bradmore Lane is our favourite. It runs south with a gentle rise and fall. Be careful though, the sun sets down the road which can dazzle you and other drivers!

Manual and automatic driving lessons

Whether you’re after manual or automatic lessons in Nottingham, we’ve got your back.

Take your time when choosing which type of lesson you’d like to take. While there’s less to get your head around if you’re preparing for an automatic licence, you’ll only be able to drive an automatic vehicle once you’ve passed. A manual licence will allow you to drive either type of vehicle. It’s also worth noting that automatic lessons are generally pricier as there are fewer instructors who offer them.

However, if you’re going to be travelling during rush hour you might want to still consider an automatic. You won’t have to worry about constantly changing gear in slow or stop start traffic. It’s worth remembering though that like automatic lessons, automatic cars are also pricier than their manual counterparts. Manual can also provide a greater sense of control on long journeys. But we’re not here to sway you one way or the other. The decision is yours.

Driving test centre locations

Picking which centre to do your driving test at doesn’t have to be stressful. Your instructor will help you pick one once you're ready, and they’ll get you experience on all the right routes around your chosen centre. Check the DVSA page on test centres to find the one closest to you. There are three test centres in the Nottingham postcode:

  • Nottingham (Colwick): Private Road No 5, Colwick Industrial Estate, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, G4 2JU
  • Nottingham (Chilwell): Unit 24, Eldon BUsiness Park, Eldon ROad, Beeston, Nottinghamshire, NG9 6DZ
  • Watnall: Driving Test Centre Watnall LGB, Main Road, Watnall, Nottinghamshire, NG16 1JF

What learners say about our driving lessons in Nottingham

We’ve helped over 300,000 learners to pass their driving test. Imagine how many are in Nottingham! Why not take a look at some of the lovely things they say about us?