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How to find a driving school in Sheffield

Everyone deserves an instructor who:

  • Makes you feel supported
  • Helps you enjoy learning
  • Won’t charge a fortune!

There are 5 things to do to make sure of this:

1. Compare reviews

Most schools in Sheffield only show their best reviews on their website. Take a look at independent review sites like Trustpilot or Driving School Reviews to understand the experience of other learners in Sheffield.

2. Beware of terms and conditions

Plenty of schools in Sheffield provide attractive ten-hour introductory offers, but some come with a catch. A few schools require you to save the final three hours for your test. That means once you’ve used up seven hours, if you’re not ready for your test, you’ll have to take regular priced lessons until you are.

3. Make sure your instructor is qualified

Some schools in Sheffield employ Potential Driving Instructors (instructors yet to fully qualify). These lessons might be cheaper, but the quality of instruction won’t be as good as what’s provided by an Approved Driving Instructor (a fully qualified instructor).

4. Check that you can switch instructors

Ideally, you’ll pass your test in Sheffield having been with one instructor from the start. But sometimes things don’t work out so smoothly, and, for whatever reason, you find yourself needing to change instructors. Make sure to learn with a school who will let you change instructor and won’t charge a fee for it.

5. Avoid long waiting times

Some schools make no promises about how quickly they will get you learning in Sheffield. Make sure to scout out their waiting times, and if they aren’t published, get in contact and ask before you book and spend money.

Choosing between manual and automatic

Before you begin lessons, you’ll need to decide if you want to take manual or automatic lessons.

A manual licence is more flexible than an automatic one. It allows you to drive both manual and automatic cars, whereas an automatic licence restricts you to automatics. Manual lessons are also cheaper than automatic, so if you’re on a budget in Sheffield, they might suit you better.

However, an automatic car is easier to get your head around, as there’s no clutch pedal to worry about. As a result, you could find yourself learning quicker and passing faster, saving money. Automatics are also better in stop-start traffic, as you don’t have to worry about changing gears all the time. So if you plan to navigate Sheffield’s rush hour, an automatic might suit you best.

An automatic can help if you struggle with hill starts. Sheffield is in the eastern foothills of the Pennines, so there are a lot of hills to contest with. In fact, the BBC revealed Sheffield has one of the UK’s steepest streets. But equally, you may prefer a manual if you want the ability to change down a gear in anticipation of a hill.

It's down to you to pick between the two.

Tips for learning to drive in Sheffield

The DVSA recommends 22 hours of private practice outside of driving lessons. You can do this with a friend or family member, so long as they’re over 21 and have had their full driving licence for three years.

There are loads of places to practise in Sheffield. Here are just a few options:

Novice Driver

  • Manor Oaks Road, Park Hill: This outcrop of residential housing is the perfect destination if you’re new to the driver’s seat. Its wide roads are forgiving if you make a small error, and there are plenty of spots to practise turning onto other streets at small crossroads and T-junctions.

  • Woodthorpe: A stone’s throw from the city centre, Woodthorpe is an area filled with quiet roads and closes that are perfect for you to practise your manoeuvres and handling. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, then you can practise driving on the large roundabout in the centre of this residential complex which connects to eight roads!

  • Woodseats: Searching for a relaxing and quiet place to practise your driving? Look no further than Woodseats, especially Chatfield Road, Linscott Road, Kennedy Road and Fraser Road. With its variety of speed bumps, wide roads, plenty of space for parking and little junctions to keep you busy, you’ll grow your confidence in no time.

Intermediate Driver

  • Crookes: This residential area is narrow with parked cars, leaving little wiggle room for oncoming traffic. That makes it a good challenge for intermediate drivers. The area is filled with small hills as well, so it’s a good place to hone your hill starts.

  • Nether Edge: This area has a nice combination of wide residential streets, each with plenty of room for practising manoeuvres. We recommend trying out Rundle Road, the Kenwood Road roundabout, Cherry Tree Road and Union Road.

  • Highfield: Highfield has lots of great challenges. There’s the A61 running through it, and an array of narrow residential roads running off it. The area is a brilliant place to break out a parallel park or to pull up on the right and reverse two car lengths.

Confident Driver

  • Hunters Bar Roundabout, Endcliffe: Hunters Bar Roundabout connects the A625, Brocco Bank, Junction Road, Ecclesall Road and Rustlings Road. That’s a lot of roads, so it’s great if you want to challenge yourself on a bigger roundabout. But be warned, it gets very busy during certain times of the day. Remember to check your mirrors and positioning, as well as your blind spots when exiting!

  • Sheffield Parkway: This complex road system is the main feeder road into Sheffield’s city centre. When you reach Park Square Roundabout, with railways running overhead, it’s like a mini Spaghetti Junction. Our tip is to start on the A61 and go straight over the roundabout until it turns into Sheffield Parkway. That way, you get to make the most of the Derek Dooley Way junction too.

  • Middlewood: If you’re taking your test in Middlewood, it’s worth getting some practice in the area. Our favourite places are Middlewood Road, Winn Gardens, Stockarth Lane and Worrall Road. These mainly residential roads will give you a good flavour of what could come up in your test.

  • Handswood: If you’re taking your test in Handswood, make sure to check out Handsworth Road, Retford Road and Ravenscroft Road. Richmond and the little hamlet of Handswood are also highly likely to be included in a driving test route, so they’re great practice.

Choosing your test centre

Your instructor will help you choose a test centre, and get you learning the routes that could come up on your test.

Test centre pass rates


DVSA practical car test pass rates, 2018-2019.

Handsworth Test Centre | Pass rate: 45.2%

The Handsworth test centre has quite a few residential areas nearby, such as Swallownest, Waverley, and Woodhouse, where you may be asked to perform a manoeuvre early on.

Address: Orgreave Way, Handsworth, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S13 9LT

Middlewood Test Centre | Pass rate: 43.5%

The Middleworth test centre is to the north west of Sheffield city centre. The A6102 runs just outside the test centre and will take you into the city centre, or out west towards the quieter roads of Oughtibridge.

Address: 508 Middlewood Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S6 1TQ

Find your nearest test centre through the DVSA.

Instructor tips for passing your test in Sheffield

1. Prepare for the hills

One of our top instructors in Sheffield, Frank Brown, warns: “The area is quite hilly so definitely make sure you are very confident on hill starts. They can often fluster learner drivers, especially during rush hour, when the roads are at their busiest. Remember to take your time and you should be ok.”

2. Practise Jawbone Hill

Frank advises: “Take care going in and out of the car park near the top of Jawbone Hill main road. There is a tight entrance and exit and this hill has many blind spots.” Jawbone Hill often crops up in test routes around Middlewood, so make sure you have a go at driving there before you take your test. Be ready for the roundabouts

3. Be ready for the roundabouts

Watch out for the Wordsworth Avenue roundabout, near Middlewood Test Centre. It’s the largest roundabout nearby and is frequently used on test routes. What consistently catches learners out here is observation, so go over your MSPSL routine (Mirror, Signal, Position, Speed, Look).

4. Concentrate right until the end

Make sure you are cautious when approaching the test centre at the end of your test, as believe it or not, this is where many learners in Sheffield make major faults. Frank warns, “When you return from your driving test, be cautious as you drive back into the test centre. It’s tempting to let your guard down in relief that it’s finally over, but that is where mistakes can happen.”

5. Mind the weather

If weather conditions suddenly change during your test, for example, sun turns to rain, make sure you adapt your driving accordingly. Braking distances increase in wet weather and your examiner will want to see you take this into account.

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