Should I learn to drive with a male or female driving instructor?

2 min read • Posted Nov 23, 2018
Should I learn to drive with Male or female driving instructor

Before you can get behind the wheel on your driving lessons, you’ll need to find the perfect driving instructor to get you on the road. There are a few obvious things to consider when looking for an instructor, including how much they charge, what car they drive and what their location is.

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Some learner drivers, however, also choose their driving instructor based on gender. Here, we look at how this factor plays a role when choosing your instructor and at whether you should learn to drive with a male or female.

What’s the difference between male and female driving instructors?

All Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) are fully qualified to teach you to drive regardless of their gender. There may be number of reasons why a learner driver would choose to take their driving lessons with a female ADI instead of a male ADI.

You might, for example, prefer to learn with a female driving instructor if this keeps your nerves at bay, or if you feel more comfortable in a female’s company. Likewise, some learners specifically choose to take their driving lessons with a male driving instructor because they feel more comfortable in a man’s company.

Teaching styles

Teaching styles and attitudes differ, so whilst some learner drivers look for a driving instructor who will be gentle, calm and patient, others like to be pushed and challenged into going one step further every driving lesson.

Being a female driving instructor doesn’t necessarily mean you will be more patient and gentle in your teaching style, so it might be worth finding out about a driving instructor’s past experience before writing them off because of their gender.

‘But women can’t drive!’

The age old stereotype that women can’t drive has long been disproven. There’s no need to worry about the technical ability of a driving instructor just because she’s female. In fact, you’re bound to come across driving instructors who are better than others – some male, some female!

Instead of deciding whether a driving instructor is the best person to teach you to drive based on their gender, find out about their ability from past learners’ reviews and from their experience as a driving instructor.

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So, who’s the best choice for you?

It’s completely up to you whether you’d rather learn to drive with a male or female driving instructor. If you think you’ll feel more comfortable in the company of a female driving instructor, there’s plenty of great, fully qualified female ADIs to choose from. Likewise, if you think choosing a male driving instructor is the best option for you, there’s plenty of them out there too!

Remember, everyone learns differently and responds to teaching methods in different ways. Make sure you find a driving instructor who you gel with, and you’ll be ripping up those L-plates before you know it!

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