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Driving Lessons in Birmingham

Learn with a top-rated driving instructor in Birmingham. Prices start from just £16 an hour!

Where we provide lessons in Birmingham

Our top-rated driving instructors have got the whole of Birmingham sorted! Our popular areas include:

Blackheath, Halesowen, Longbridge, Saltley, Selly Oak, Solihull, Sparkhill, Stetchford, West Bromwich and Yardley.

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Learning to drive in Birmingham

Birmingham is the second most populous city in the UK, so yes, there might be a traffic jam or two if you’re learning to drive in the heart of the city. But don’t let that put you off! The bigger the city the broader the experience, so by the time you've got that shiny pink licence you’ll be a well-rounded driver!

Our instructors have tons of experience, so no matter where you are in Birmingham they’ll be able to give you a hand. Check out what some of them say when it comes to places to practise in Birmingham. Areas out from the city centre like Solihull, Selly Oak, Sutton Coldfield and Acocks Green are all good places to start. They each provide a range of experiences from quiet residential roads to twisting country lanes. Even when you’re well-practised, they’re all good spots to return to.

Birmingham also has a great variety of dual carriageways. Amongst them, there’s the busy A38 near the city centre, the A4540 studded with roundabouts and junctions, and the A45 which can take you east towards Coventry. So hopefully, come your test, you’ll be brimming with confidence on A roads. We’re sure you will be, with one of our instructors helping you all the way!

When you begin to think about taking your practical driving test, it’s key to know the roads around your chosen test centre. You’ll want to check out these top tips for passing your test in Birmingham. And you’ll want to be familiar with potential test routes - don’t worry, your instructor will help you with these. And lastly, you’ll want to relax. Test day can be stressful. It can make you nervous. It can make you sweat. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pass. We’re backing you!

Manual and automatic lessons

We get that driving a manual vehicle isn't for everyone, so we offer automatic lessons in Birmingham too.

Give some consideration to manual versus automatic. If you get a manual licence, you’ll be able to drive both types of transmission. However, if you get an automatic licence, you’ll be restricted to automatics. Automatic lessons also tend to be more expensive, as automatic instructors are in higher demand (since there are fewer of them). But as there’s less to learn in an automatic, you might find yourself passing quicker.

If you’ll be driving through Birmingham city centre a lot, an automatic car could be handy in stop-start traffic, as you won’t have to change gears all the time. But if you’ll be escaping the city via the A roads or the motorways, you might prefer a manual for a better sense of control on these longer, faster roads. We’ve got a good supply of instructors in Birmingham for both transmissions, so it won’t take long to get you on the road whichever you go for.

Driving test centre locations

There are plenty of driving test centres to pick from in Birmingham, so make sure you do a bit of research before you book your test. Once you’ve chosen your test centre, speak to your driving instructor to make sure you’re learning all the right routes. Check out the DVSA test centres website to find the test centre closest to you! Or browse our list:

Cocks Moors Woods: Cocks Moors Woods Leisure Centre, The Lodge, S. King’s Heath, Birmingham, B14 6ER

Garretts Green: Granby Avenue, Garretts Green, Birmingham, West Midlands, B33 0TJ

Kings Heath: 955 Alcester Road South, Birmingham, West Midlands, B14 5JA

Kingstanding: 205 Birdbrook Road, Birmingham, B44 9UL

Shirley: 401 Stratford Road, Shirley, Solihull, B90 4AA

South Yardley: Clay Lane, South Yardley, West Midlands, B26 1EA

Sutton Coldfield: 110-116 Boldmere Rd, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, B73 5UB

The Pavilion: The Pavilion, Moor Lane Sports Ground Uce, Moor Lane, West Midlands, B6 7AA

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