When should I book my theory test?

2 min read • Posted Nov 30, 2018

So you think it’s time to take your theory test? Or maybe you’re wondering: when will I be ready to take my theory? Passing it is an essential step towards gaining your full licence. But going for it before you’re ready could mean wasted time and money - and no one wants that!

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Do you know your stuff?

Before booking your test you should be prepared for what it’s going to throw at you. Do you know the structure of it? Will you have time to get yourself fully prepared before the big day? Is your revision on track?

The bulk of the 50 multiple choice questions are drawn from the highway code - so you’ll want to have read this book back to front. With the hazard perception part of the test, things can seem tricky at first. There’s the challenge of understanding the difference between a hazard and a developing hazard, and knowing when to click. So you’ll want to have all your research done before you book. We’ve got a great article on hazard perception if you’re struggling. Driving lessons can also help with this part of the test in particular.

But do you really know your stuff??

Come the test, it’s not enough to know the highway code fairly well - you’ll need to know it thoroughly. You’ll need to know your road signs inside out, be familiar with the theory of essential driving skills (like stopping in an emergency), and be excellent at spotting hazards for the hazard perception part of the test.

It’s also important to be familiar with the format and timing of the exam, so you don’t get overwhelmed on the day. That’s why mock tests are essential. There are plenty available online for free that will give you a pass or fail. The DVSA offers two free practice tests for the multiple choice questions and three practice clips for the hazard perception test.

Our free theory app is another great source of practice for both the multiple choice questions and the hazard perception test. There are loads of questions and videos, and you can compete against other learners in an effort to top the leaderboard!

Trying our app and taking a few practice tests will let you know where you’re at in your revision, and whether you’re ready to take your test. If you’re struggling to pass mock tests, you probably need to hit the books and try a few more of them!


How to book your theory

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Check it out.

If you’re smashing the mock tests, you’re cruising through the questions on our app, and your hazard perception is on point, then you should definitely book your theory test.

Before you do so though, you’ll need to make sure you have your provisional licence. Without it, you can’t book your theory test, as you need a driving licence number to register. If you’ve got that, head to gov.uk to book (it’ll cost you £24).

If you have reading difficulty, a disability, or a health condition you should mention this when you book. With proof from a teacher, educational professional, doctor, or medical professional, you could get some support - whether that’s extra time during the test, a helper to read the questions and record your answers, or a helper to reword questions for you (although specific technical language won’t be changed).

On the day of your theory

On the big day, ensure you bring your UK photocard licence with you. If you forget it, you won’t be able to take the test and your fee won’t be refunded. If you’re based in Northern Ireland you’ll need to bring your photocard licence and your paper counterpart licence.

Hopefully, on the day, you’ll be fully prepared and the test will be a breeze! But no matter how confident or nervous you feel, remember not to rush. Check out our tips for passing and finally, good luck!

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