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Learner Guide

Learning to drive? Our ultimate Learner Guide has got everything you need to make the most of your driving lessons.

avoid stalling a car

How to avoid stalling a car

Learning to drive can be a tricky business. As if you didn’t have enough to worry about with trying to master reverse parking; you’ve also just experienced the joys of stalling in front of a queue of traffic. Don’t worry thou...

Change a flat tyre

How to change a flat tyre

It can be pretty unnerving the first time that your journey is interrupted by a flat tyre or puncture. Being stuck at the side of the road with a limping car and a car jack that you’ve never even looked at, let alone used, is...

Where to place L-plates on a car

Where to place L-plates on a car

There are a surprising amount of rules and regulations regarding your L-plates. They have to be a specific size and be displayed in a certain way to be considered legally valid. Failure to meet the government’s requirements c...


The driving report explained

Throughout your driving test, your driving examiner will be marking any faults you make whilst on the road on a piece of paper. Faults will be separated into levels of severity: minor faults, serious faults and dangerous faul...


The ultimate driving glossary

When you’re learning to drive you hear a lot of new things. New words, new ideas, new acronyms that are meant to be easy to remember but somehow aren’t, there’s just too much to learn! To help you out, we’re building a livin...


Top 10 gifts for new drivers

Passing your driving test is a massive landmark, and something that’s definitely worth celebrating. If you know someone who’s just ditched their ‘L’ plates, it might be nice to get them a little pressie to mark the occasion. ...