How to pass your driving test quickly

2 min read • Posted Dec 19, 2018

After your first couple of driving lessons you’ll start to get used to the car and your instructor, the novelty will wear off and you’ll start asking yourself ‘how long does it take to learn to drive?’If you really want to pass your test quickly, there are a few things you can do to make sure that you learn as quickly as possible.

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1. Apply for your provisional driving licence early

You can apply for your provisional driving licence up to three months before you turn 17 (or 16 if you intend to ride a moped). Getting your licence sorted out early means that you can start your driving lessons on your birthday instead of waiting around for the DVLA. Use our guide for more information on how to apply for your provisional licence.

2. Pick the right driving instructor

If you end up taking the recommended amount of driving lessons, you’ll be spending up to 47 hours in the car with your driving instructor. Since you’re going to be spending quite a bit of time together, it makes sense that you and your instructor get on well. A clash of personalities will prevent you from really concentrating, so it’s vital that you’re comfortable and relaxed during every lesson.

3. Book your theory test in advance

When you’re desperate to get on the road, the last thing you want to do is wait around for weeks or even months for a theory test slot. You can book your theory test as soon as you have a provisional licence, so you might as well book it as soon as your licence arrives.

4. Take more lessons per week

If you’re only taking a single hour of driving lessons per week, it’s going to take you months before you’re ready for your test, even if you’re a quick learner. If you want to pass your driving test quickly, the easiest way to speed things along is to take an extra lesson or two during the week.

It’s up to you if you want to take a single 2-hour lesson, a pair of 1-hour lessons or even more. No matter how many extra lessons you take, the extra practise will help you to get ready for your test much more quickly.

5. Rope your parents in

Parents are the fallback option for a lot of people practising their driving. The more you practise with them (or whoever your usual supervising driver is), the faster you’ll learn. When practising like this, it’s best to stick to things you know rather than trying to master something new, but the extra time spent on the road will really pay off.

6. Use online resources

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With the miDrive app, you can revise for your theory test for just 69p. Simply unlock the theory test section for unlimited use of official DSA-approved revision questions. Our tests will help you prepare for your test in no time, and they’re significantly cheaper than ones you’ll find elsewhere!

Did you know that YouTube is stuffed full of really useful content to help you out with practical stuff, too? There are videos for everything from reverse parking to learning the meaning of road signs. Videos are no replacement for time spent on the road with your instructor, but they can help you to get to grips with some of the tricker manoeuvres. Our YouTube channel is a good place to start.

7. Think ahead

The waiting times for practical driving tests can be weeks or even months. Don’t wait until you’re driving at test standard to book, do it a couple of weeks to a month before that. If you’re unsure, have a chat with your instructor about how you’re doing and how long he/she thinks you’ve got until you’re ready for your test.

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