The dangers of deals like 10 driving lessons for £100

Here's what the driving schools offering you deals like '10 hours of driving lessons for £100' aren't telling you.

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Why 10 driving lessons for £100 aren't all what they seem

Worried about getting the most out of your money? It's important to make sure you're not losing out on quality when looking for the best deal.

While driving school deals offering 10 driving lessons for £100 may seem like a no brainer, it's worth asking yourself why they offer such cheap driving lessons.

The obvious answer is to make sales, but at whose cost? At the end of the day, deals such as 10 lessons for £99 benefit the school, not you.

10 driving lessons for £100? You get what you pay for

More often than not, driving schools will entice learners in with a bright, shiny deal to distract from their less appealing factors that would have stopped you from purchasing without the deal.

Unfortunately though, the deal never tends to be as good as advertised and learners often end up spending much more on lessons in the long run. This can be due to a number of reasons, but it really comes down to the difference between cheap lessons and good value lessons. Here are some things you should be aware of if you see a deal like 10 hours of driving lessons for £100:

Static lessons

Driving schools that offers 10 lessons for £100 will often scrimp and save wherever they can to make sure they are still making money. One way driving instructors do this is by having ‘static’ lessons, to save them on petrol. This is where you aren’t given the opportunity to do any practical driving. Instead, you would focus on looking at car controls and road theory. This means that you’re likely to take longer to learn and spend more money on lessons later down the line as these cheaper lessons won’t be of the same standard as regularly priced driving lessons.

Fluctuating prices

It’s commonplace with deals like 10 driving lessons for £100 that the price never stays that good. Once driving schools have drawn you in with the irresistible deal, extra charges don’t take long to sneak onto your bill as well. Once you have settled in with a driving school, you may notice the hourly driving lesson rate creep up, along with added fuel fees and other similar costs. In situations like these, make sure you don’t let the driving schools take you for a ride.

Learning with under-qualified instructors

Often, in a desperate attempt to make money, driving schools will provide instructors that aren’t fully qualified to fulfil demand. Trainee instructors have far less experience than Approved Driving Instructors, which means that they may have little to no experience in getting learners test ready. Don’t risk wasting time with an instructor who is learning on the job, when you could have an instructor who already has the knowledge on how to help you pass your test quickly and efficiently.

How much should driving lessons cost?

On average, driving lessons in the UK cost £24 an hour. This amount covers the cost of the driving instructor’s time, insurance, car maintenance and fuel costs. This means that the bargain price of 10 driving lessons for £100 falls massively short of what driving instructors need to make a living.

This is why it’s important to consider factors other than cost when you’re purchasing driving lessons. If it looks too good to be true, maybe it is. When you pay that little extra, you will receive driving lessons of much higher standards, with a driving instructor who knows that you value their time as much as they value your learning.

Given the lower quality of lessons when you're purchasing driving school deals like 10 driving lessons for £99, you're likely to take longer to pass. Meaning that even though you have saved on your first 10 hours, you’ll probably end up spending more on your driving lessons overall! With Midrive, on the other hand, learners pass 17 hours faster than the UK average.

When you are deciding where to buy driving lessons, we recommend using a driving school that only uses fully qualified driving instructors who know what they’re doing. That way you’ll know you’re in the best hands with driving instructors who can help you pass your test safely and efficiently.