5 myths about learning to drive

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If you’re thinking about learning to drive, you’re probably feeling a mixture of excitement and nerves. You might also have been hearing a few horror stories about driving lessons or some ‘top tips’ from your mates about being a learner driver. You shouldn’t believe everything your mates tell you when it comes to learning to drive, and these are 5 of the most common myths which you shouldn’t be taking seriously.

1. You can bribe your examiner

This isn’t the Inbetweeners – your examiner won’t accept cash, sweets or any kind of bribe in return for a test pass. So you better do it the legitimate way if you’re serious about getting your driving licence.


2. You won’t pass your test on a Friday

If anyone’s ever told you that driving test examiners have a quota for the number of people they need to pass or fail in one day or week, you should tell them that they are an idiot. This is common but perseverant myth, so your chance of passing is exactly the same on a Friday as it is on a Monday.

3. Boys pass faster than girls

All the feminists out there will be happy to hear that this is not strictly true. You’re not more likely to pass your driving test quickly just because you’re a boy, but, as much as we hate to admit it, the overall pass rate does tend to be higher for boys…


4. The theory test is ‘just common sense’

If you think the theory test is just common sense, you’re about to lose £31. You need to actually do some revision before you can go and sit your theory test. Luckily for you, you can do that for free with the miDrive theory test app – download it here.

5. Intensive courses guarantee you a pass

Squeezing all of your driving lessons into one week doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a pass. In fact, you can end up paying more and losing the whole week of your life without getting a driving licence at the end to show for it.