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Where we provide lessons in Barking

We provide lessons all over Barking, our top areas include:

Alder Walk, Beckton, Creekmouth, East Ham, Loxford, Manor Park, North Woolwich, Plaistow, Silvertown, and Upton.

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Learning to drive in Barking

Barking has something for every learner driver, whether you’re just starting out, or you’re making those final preparations for your test. With one of our top-rated local instructors at your side, we’re sure you’ll do great!

To begin with, your instructor will take you around the quieter streets of Barking. They’ll get you used to the basic skills like steering, clutch control, and moving off and stopping. Once you’ve got those down you’ll explore roads like Flanders Road or Gascoigne Road, which are a little busier. Make sure you keep an eye out for junctions and pedestrian crossings, as they’ll be there aplenty!

For a bigger challenge, try the A123 and the A124 which are connected by a series of bustling roundabouts. Once you master those, make sure you get some experience on the A13 and the North Circular Road as well. They both have three lanes around Barking, so they’re a great test of your road awareness, lane positioning, and speed control. Once you’re navigating these with ease, you’ll be well on your way to passing your test!

Taking your test in Barking

There are two test centres in Barking, the Tanner Street Test Centre and the Town Quay Test Centre. They are only a five-minute drive from each other, separated by the railway lines coming in and out of Barking station, so tests won’t be drastically different.

The DVSA have stopped publishing information on test routes, but rest assured, your instructor will help you get to grips with all the roads around your chosen test centre. Like most London test centres, the two in Barking are situated in built-up residential areas, so the majority of your test will be navigating busy urban roads.

Despite their proximity, the Barking Test Centres do have distinctions. Turning out of the Tanner Street Test Centre, you’ll immediately face the A123, which at the wrong time can be full of traffic. Look out for buses (especially if they stop and you have to overtake), pedestrian crossings, and junctions. The Town Quay Test Centre will begin you in a quieter area, but there are also more roundabouts nearby. Whichever test centre you choose, they’re both near the North Circular, a busy, fast dual-carriageway, so be prepared for it!

Driving test centre locations

There are two test centres in Barking, but plenty more around London:

Manual vs Automatic

Whether you want manual or automatic driving lessons, we’ve got an instructor for you.

Bear in mind that a manual licence lets you drive both manual and automatic cars once you pass your test. An automatic licence restricts you to automatics. However, there’s less to learn in an automatic, so you could end up passing quicker.

Think about when and where you’ll be driving. If you intend to travel during rush hour through Barking, or further into London, you might prefer an automatic. You won’t have to be changing gears constantly when you’re stuck in traffic. If you’re on a budget though, you might prefer a manual, as they tend to be cheaper than their automatic counterparts. It’s down to you to decide what will suit you best!

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