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What is hybrid learner insurance?

Hybrid learner insurance is a policy that gives you your freedom now and once you pass. It’s an annual policy that covers you on both your provisional licence and your full licence. Not only do you get consistent pricing across both licences, but you can start building your no claims bonus straight away. It’s pretty nifty, actually.

How it works

  • Speak with an expert: MyFirstUK specialise in hybrid learner insurance.
  • Learn and pass with confidence: Get straight on the road with your provisional licence.
  • Same policy, same price: No need to change policies after passing your test.

What you get with MyFirstUK hybrid learner insurance

No price increase

Know exactly what you’re paying from provisional to full licence.

Seamless cover

Practise, pass your test, and drive away on the same policy.

Instant no claims growth

Grow your no claims bonus early, saving 40% on average in the second year!

Types of hybrid learner insurance

1. Third party only

This covers you for any injury or damage caused to other people and their property.

2. Third party fire and theft

This takes ‘third party only’ and adds cover in the event your car is stolen or damaged by fire.

3. Comprehensive

This covers ‘third party fire and theft’ plus any damage you accidentally do to your own car.

Telematics that works for you

Hybrid insurance is a black box policy based on education.

  • No night-time curfews: Drive where you want, when you want
  • No quarterly reviews: Stay in control of your freedom
  • No automatic fines: Brake, corner, and accelerate with confidence
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Common Questions

Can I change a policy?

Our experts will tailor a policy to your needs. If your needs change during the policy, simply call your account manager and they’ll update the policy for you.

Can I change car?

Firstly, congratulations! Secondly, just get in contact with your account manager and they can adjust your policy to reflect your new car insurance band.

What is telematics, exactly?

Telematics policies involve having a small, black box installed in your car. This box includes a GPS tracker which monitors your location, as well as an accelerometer that records your braking, cornering, and accelerating habits.

Can I take my driving test?

On hybrid insurance? Of course you can! You can even drive home when you pass, something learner insurance policies don’t usually cover.

Can I get hybrid insurance on someone else’s car?

Sure! As long as that car is already covered with annual insurance, you can add cover for when you’re driving it.

Is having two policies ‘dual cover’?

Not necessarily. Dual cover is when the same risk is insured twice on the same car. Adding your own cover on someone else’s car is two different risks, one for you and one for them.

What about temporary insurance?

Temporary insurance is high cost, short duration cover. It’s meant for experienced drivers who want to cover a few hours or a couple of days in someone else’s car.

Can I be the main driver?

Yes! In fact, you have to be: it’s your cover. You don’t have to be the main driver of the car, but you have to be the main driver of your insurance policy.

Can I take passengers?

You can take as many passengers as you car can legally carry. Just remember that on your provisional licence the front passenger has to be able to supervise your driving. After that, it’s up to you.