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What is young driver insurance?

Young driver insurance is for people aged 17-25 looking to find their freedom.

Over 25? Check out the new driver insurance guide!

*Based on Consumer Intelligence car insurance price index June, 2019.

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Types of young driver insurance

There are three types of cover to choose from. Experts will assess what type suits you when your policy is set up.

Third party only

Covers you for injury caused to other people and damage caused to their property

Third party fire and theft

Like ‘third party only’ but adds cover in case your car is stolen or damaged by fire


The same as ‘third party fire and theft’ but also covers you for damage you do to your own car

cover type

Why young drivers pay more for car insurance

It’s an unfortunate statistic that a quarter of all 18-24 year-olds crash within the first two years of passing their test. While that’s something we’re trying to change, it’s this higher level risk that insurers base their prices on. The good news is that every year of life experience will reduce your premium.

How to get cheaper young driver insurance

Consider the car you drive

The more expensive and powerful the car you drive is, the more it will cost to insure.

Add security

Your car will be cheaper to insure if it’s kept in a garage at night. Fitting it with an immobiliser, an alarm, or a tracking device could help too.

Consider a black box

Telematics policies give you the chance to prove you’re a good driver. This reduces your risk to insurers and, in turn, your premium.

Install a dash cam

Having a dash cam installed can prove your innocence if you’re involved in an accident. It not only protects your no claims bonus, but can reduce the cost of your policy.

Add a more experienced driver

Having another, more experienced driver on your policy could reduce your premium. Don’t try to ‘front’ them as the primary driver, though. That’s fraud.

Purchase online

Buying your insurance online will typically get you a lower price than walking into a branch. They don’t call it the high street for nothing!

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Common questions

What’s temporary insurance?

Temporary insurance is a type of policy designed to cover drivers for very short periods of time when they use someone else’s car. It is, generally speaking, not cost-effective for young drivers who want to drive regularly.

Can I get a new car?

Of course! Just talk to your account manager and they’ll help you update your policy based on your new car’s insurance band and any new driving circumstances. Congratulations, by the way.

How do black boxes work?

Black boxes are small electronic devices fitted to your car that contain a GPS tracker and an accelerometer. They monitor the roads you drive on, as well as your accelerating, braking, and cornering habits. ‘Telematics’ policies reduce your premium and let you prove you’re a good driver.

Should I go on a dashcam policy?

Possibly. Policies with dashboard cameras are attractive because they allow you to prove your innocence if you’re involved in an accident caused by someone else. They also grant you savings on your premium.

Can I cover wear and tear with comprehensive insurance?

Comprehensive insurance covers a lot of things: third party injury and damage, fire and theft, even damage you do to your own car. It doesn’t cover wear and tear, however. That’s just part of the cost of owning a car.