Tips for passing your driving test in South West London

Got the practical driving test on your mind? Worry no more! Our local instructors share some inside tips on passing your driving test as a South West Londoner.

No matter how confident a driver you are, every test centre will have its fair share of quirks that you’ll need to be prepared for ahead of your driving test. From tricky roundabouts to speed limits to watch out for, our top local instructors have given us some of their top tips on passing your test in the area.

Since there aren’t any test centres in South West London itself, learners will have to travel a while to get to a test centre. That means it’s doubly important to become familiar with the roads surrounding the test centre of your choice, as the likelihood is that you won’t know them very well!

No matter which test centre you’ve chosen, you’re certain to be faced with heavy traffic which is part and parcel of driving in and around London! If Croydon is your test centre of choice, our instructor Salemon warns, “it’s a challenging place. The test centre is always busy and it’s located in main traffic.”

Whichever test centre you’ve chosen, if it’s within reach of South West London then there are likely to be plenty of parked cars lining residential streets and even B roads. That’s why another of our top instructors, Musa, believes that the key is “effective and timely observation”.

Of course, observation isn’t only necessary when overtaking parked cars, and Salemon adds that, “observation when changing lanes and joining traffic is paramount. If you cause other road users to slow down due to not looking well enough, you will get a major fault”.

In Croydon, this is particularly important on the Roman Way dual carriageway, which goes up to 40 mph. You’re likely to have to change lanes, so make sure you practise observing here, as well as reading the road signs.

During their driving tests, learners are often caught out on roundabouts, particularly in Isleworth according to instructor Musa - so brush up on the correct technique before your test. Salemon warns of one particular roundabout in Croydon that learners often trip up on: “Lombard Roundabout is very close to the test centre and lots of people struggle here. Get some practice and get used to it so you’re confident driving on this during your test.”

So, make sure you’re confident on roundabouts, overtaking parked cars and switching lanes on a dual carriageway. And a final word of advice from Salemon: “look, look and look again before you commit”.