Places to practise in West London

When it comes to getting to grips with life on the road, practice really does make perfect! But finding a suitable place to head to for a spin can be a headache. That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite places in West London - so you can practise to your heart’s content!

Novice Driver

Shirland Road, Maida Hill

This is a wide, quiet road that’s perfect for beginners driving in West London. Running through Maida Hill, there’s a chance to have a go at the crossroads where the road intersects Sutherland Avenue, and there are even two mini roundabouts to have a go at.

Chambers Lane, Willesden Green

This residential area in Willesden Green is quiet with plenty of space to learn how to park and drive past other road users comfortably. And if it’s crossroad practice you’re after, head round the corner to where Dobree Avenue meets Bryan Avenue.

Notting Hill

Notting Hill’s wide and quiet residential streets have lots of areas for practising your parking manoeuvres and of course, hill starts. Kensington Park Gardens, Elgin Crescent, Clarendon Road and Linden Gardens are great places to explore if you’re new to the road.

Intermediate Driver


The residential roads in this area tend to be narrow and lined with parked cars on either side, so head here to practise meeting oncoming traffic in a tight space. This is also a great place to nail that parallel parking - head straight to Olive Road, Dawson Road, Cedar Road or Howard Road if you’re after a challenge!

Warwick Avenue

With a mini roundabout and a large intersection where Warwick Avenue meets Clifton Gardens and Warrington Crescent, this is a popular destination with our driving instructors. The road will merge into single lane traffic at the Bloomfield Road crossroads, so beware and watch your speed. If you’ve nailed that and you’re not done yet, have a go at the junction further down that connects Warwick Avenue, Harrow Road and Howley Place.

Confident Driver

Westway Roundabout

This roundabout connects the A40 Westway dual carriageway to the A3220 and is well known for its heavy traffic during rush hour. If you living in and around White City or Shepherd's Bush, you’re likely to come across this roundabout on a regular basis once you’ve passed your test.