Places to practise in South West London

If you’re learning to drive in South West London, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite practice spots to help you brush up on all those new skills you’re learning between lessons. Starting with some quiet residential roads and ending with a challenging multi-lane junction, there’ll be something for every learner driver no matter what stage you’re at in your learning.

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Novice Driver

St Michael’s Road, Stockwell

There are a number of leafy residential streets near Stockwell which are ideal for learner drivers to practise their new skills on - and St Michael’s Road is just one of them. Once you’re done here, have a go on Stockwell Park Crescent and Hilly Fields Close, which are just round the corner.

Harcourt Road, Croydon

Harcourt Road is very close to the Croydon test centre and could easily end up on a test route. With plenty of space to pass other road users safely without the risk of hitting a parked car, this is a great area for you to practise your driving skills. Make sure to take a look at Marden Crescent, Wortley Road, Stanley Grove and Curzon Road as well!

Boston Road, Isleworth

Another one of those savvy places to practise your driving, it happens to be conveniently close to Isleworth Test Centre. Nearby Donald Road, Lancing Road and Stanley Road are all good, quiet areas for beginners to learn driving. There will be less pressure from other road users if you go to these areas during the week after rush hour.

Intermediate Driver

Atkins Road, Streatham

This busy road incorporates a roundabout connecting Thornton Road, Weir Road and Clarence Avenue which can get quite busy during peak traffic hours. To the east, it joins the South Circular Road, which you can also take a trip down if you’re feeling adventurous!

Beddington Lane, Mitcham

This is a good place to push yourself while you practise driving at higher speeds. With a tram link level crossing near the turning into Brookmead Road, you’ll need to keep your wits about you. And what’s more, if you’re considering taking your test at Mitcham Test Centre, you’ll be doing some valuable prep for your driving test too - the centre’s just a stone’s throw away!


Purley Way, Croydon

This junction where the A23 meets with Purley Way and Ampere Way can seem intimidating at first, but after some practice, you won’t even blink at it! It will give you valuable practice driving at higher speeds and changing lanes, so there’s a lot to get stuck into here.