Places to practise in South East London

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We’re full of ideas when it comes to practice spots for learner drivers in South East London! We’ve compiled them here, so that you can make the most of them too. Whether you’re new to the road or just a few lessons away from getting your shiny new driving licence, you’re sure to find somewhere that revs your engine!

Novice Driver

Lawrie Park Road, Sydenham

A stone’s throw from Crystal Palace, Lawrie Park Road and the other residential areas in Sydenham are ideal for those who are just starting out with their driving lessons. Lawrie Park Road in particular is a nice wide road which leaves plenty of room for traffic to pass the parked cars on either side. Once you’re ready for a change of scene, try out Border Road, Lawrie Park Crescent, Lawrie Park Gardens and Hall Drive for a similar driving experience.

Pickwick Road, East Dulwich

Pickwick Road and the surrounding streets such as Burbage Road, Aysgarth Road and Boxall Road, are begging for you to take a spin on them. They’re all super quiet with lots of room for manoeuvres like parallel parking.

Brockley Road, Stockwell

Start off on Brockley Road and then progress to nearby Avon Road, Tresillian Road and Harefield Road. With all the usual trappings of a nice, quiet place to drive, this residential area of East Brockley has all the perfect roads for beginners to learn the basics on.

George Lane, Hither Green

Where better to practise than near a driving test centre? George Lane and the surrounding Springrice Road, Radford Road and Mount Pleasant Road are likely to be included in the Hither Green Test Centre routes. Getting familiar with the area early on could improve your confidence ready for when test day rolls round!

Intermediate Driver

Anerley Hill Road, Crystal Palace

Anerley Hill Road in Crystal Palace will be a step up from the quieter residential areas mentioned above. Here, you will be put through your paces on narrow roads with parked cars on either side and heavier traffic. Once you’re confident driving on these road conditions, you can venture further afield onto Cintra Park, Patterson Road and Milestone Road. You’ll learn how to safely squeeze past parked cars whilst dealing with oncoming traffic in no time!

Tower Hill Bridge Road, South London

This is a very busy road with lots of buses, cyclists and pedestrians, let alone the cars! It’s littered with box junctions at various intersections including Tooley Street, Druid Street, Abbey Street and Bermondsey Street. You’ll have ample opportunity to practise dealing with these, which will be essential for test day and life beyond!

Advanced Driver

Bricklayers Arms Roundabout

Enjoy views of the shard as you negotiate this busy, multi-lane roundabout in South East London. Although there are traffic lights to help you round, there’s a public outdoor space in the centre so you’ll need to watch out for pedestrians! Connecting Tower Bridge Road, Old Kent Road, New Kent Road and Great Dover Street, you’re likely to need this complex roundabout once you’ve passed your test.

Elephant & Castle

This is a very busy road with multi-lane traffic surrounding the tube station, as well as heavy pedestrian traffic and a very healthy bus lane. The A201, Newington Causeway, London Road, St George’s Road and Newington Butts are all running through the area, so make sure you read the road signs carefully and clearly to help guide you through this tangle of roads!