Places to practise in Sheffield

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We get it, sometimes it’s hard to find a suitable place to practise driving near you, that also suits your experience level. So together with our local driving instructors, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite places in Sheffield that are ideal for whatever stage you’re at.

Novice Driver

Manor Oaks Road, Park Hill

This outcrop of residential housing is the perfect destination if you’re new to the driver’s seat. Its wide roads are forgiving if you make a small error, and there are plenty of spots to practise turning onto other streets at small crossroads and T-junctions. Other good roads to try in this area are Southend Place, Maltravers Terrace, Southend Road and Outram Road.


A stone’s throw from the city centre, Woodthorpe is an area filled with quiet roads and closes, that are perfect places for you to practise your manoeuvres and handling a vehicle. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, then you can practise driving on the large roundabout in the centre of this residential complex which connects to eight roads!


Searching for a relaxing and quiet place to practise your driving? Look no further than Woodseats, especially Chatfield Road, Linscott Road, Kennedy Road and Fraser Road. With its variety of speed bumps, wide roads, plenty of space for parking and little junctions to keep you busy, you’ll quickly grow your confidence in no time!

Intermediate Driver


This area is ideal for an intermediate learner driver due to its narrower residential roads with cars parked either side, not leaving much wiggle room to pass oncoming traffic easily. The area is filled with small hills as well, so it’s a good place to really hone your hill starts. For an extra challenge, try driving down Crookes Road until you reach the busy junction with Fulwood Road, Nile Street and Whitham Road!

Nether Edge

This area has a nice combination of wider residential streets with plenty of room for practicing the various parking manoeuvres. We recommend trying out Rundle Road, the Kenwood Road roundabout, Cherry Tree Road and Union Road. They also have narrower roads with parked cars either side and are just off the busier main roads interspersed with junctions and roundabouts.


The A61 runs through Highfield, which will offer you a great place to practicing driving faster, until you turn off onto Bramall Lane and into one of the narrower residential roads. This residential area is a brilliant place to break out a three-point-turn, finishing in a reverse around a corner, before moving on. Some of our top choices are Fieldhead Road, Harwell Road, Glover Road and Witney Street.

Confident Driver

Hunters Bar Roundabout, Endcliffe

Ready to have a go at a very busy roundabout? Well we’ve got one for you to try out. The Hunters Bar roundabout, connects the A625, Brocco Bank, Junction Road, Ecclesall Road and Rustlings Road. But learner driver, be warned, it gets very busy during certain times of the day. Remember to practise your mirror skills, observation, positioning and don’t forget to check your blind spots!

Park Square Roundabout & Sheffield Parkway

This complex road system has six exits and is a main feeder road into Sheffield’s city centre. With railways running overhead, it’s like a mini, Sheffield version of Spaghetti Junction. Our tip is to start on the A61 and go straight over the roundabout until it turns into Sheffield Parkway, that way, you get to make the most of the Derek Dooley Way junction too.


This is one of the test centre locations outside Sheffield, so if you’re considering taking your test here, it’s worth getting some practice in the area. You never know, the roads you drive down could come up in your test! Our favourite places are Middlewood Road, Winn Gardens, Stockarth Lane and Worrall Road.


The second test centre outside of Sheffield is Handswood. Our top places to get some practise on a potential test route are Richmond Road, Handsworth Road, Retford Road and Ravenscroft Road. Richmond and the little hamlet of Handswood are highly likely to be included in a driving test route. Some good residential areas to start are nearby Woodhouse, Normington Spring and Hackenthorpe too.