Places to practise in North West London

If you want to learn quickly and pass your driving test fast, our top tip is to practise, practise, practise! But how can you put in those extra hours when finding somewhere suitable and closeby is so hard? Well, we’ve put together a list of our favourite practice places in the area to make it easy for you, whatever stage you’re at.

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Novice Driver

Dawson Road

You can’t get much wider and quieter than this residential street in Cricklewood. With a 20mph speed limit and barely any traffic, it’s a great place for those first couple of sessions behind the wheel. And when you’re gained a bit more confidence, you can have a go at turning onto the roads surrounding it, which should be equally sleepy!

The Ridgeway

This wide road in Mill Hill is a good first step towards nailing junctions and traffic lights. Head here on a weekday outside of rush hour and you’re likely to find it fairly empty, apart from the odd bus or car. What’s more, it’s in the vicinity of Mill Hill Test Centre, so getting familiar with the area early on could be a savvy move!

St Joseph’s Grove

If you’re looking for somewhere to have a go at your first roundabout, the one at the end of St Joseph’s Grove in Hendon is our top spot. Surrounded by little residential roads, you’re not likely to come across more than a car or two at a time. And, if you’re feeling up for a further challenge, you could try a hill start on the way back up towards Middlesex University, but obviously not during term time!

Intermediate Driver

Brent Street

Now that you’ve got to grips with the basics, it’s time to have a go at driving in a busy urban area. And Brent Street will certainly put your skills to the test! Hill starts, parked cars, bus stops and pedestrians are just a few factors you’ll be dealing with here. Plus, since this road’s in the Hendon area, it’s not unlikely to come up in a driving test at Hendon Test Centre either!

Finchley Road

Also known as the A41, Finchley Road is our top choice when it comes to getting valuable dual carriageway experience in North West London. And to top it all off, it’s also got some box junctions! Just make sure that you keep an eye out for typical hazards - this busy road has a number of tube and overground stations dotted along it, and not all pedestrians look both ways!

Kilburn Lane

Head to Kilburn Lane and the surrounding streets to have a go at driving in a mini one-way system. Take this as an opportunity to practise reading and responding to road signs, which will be scrutinized during your driving test. You’ll have to be eagle-eyed when you’re driving around here!

Confident Driver

South Hill Park

Residential streets don’t always make for easy driving - and that’s never been truer than on South Hill Parkway! You’ll start by going past Hampstead Heath overground station (beware of pedestrians!) and then the road will narrow and will have parked cars on both sides. It’s a real lesson in spatial awareness, hazard perception and (if you’re feeling brave!) parallel parking all rolled into one.

Swiss Cottage

There’s a triangle of tricky junctions surrounding Swiss Cottage tube station and they’re all box junctions with multiple lanes to navigate - not an easy combo! If you’re looking to stretch yourself, try them a few times each, picking different directions each time. It’s guaranteed to polish your skills in forward planning and switching lanes!

Edgware Road

Also known as the A5, this dual carriageway is a wise choice if you want to brush up on switching lanes. But it’s the roundabout where it connects with the North Circular that will really challenge you! You’ll need to exit the main dual carriageway to get to the roundabout below. It’s definitely worth the effort as it’s sure to get you working on your lane placement and following road signs.