Places to practise in North London

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It can be a little intimidating learning to drive in North London - with a challenging mix of heavy traffic and unpredictable pedestrians, a learner driver here can’t afford to take it easy. But don’t let this worry you! We’ve listed some great places in North London where you can practise what you’ve learned with confidence, no matter where you’re at in your journey.

Novice Driver

Coburg Road Industrial Estate

This quiet industrial estate is an excellent location for learner drivers to practise in between their driving lessons. Close to Barratt Gardens and just off Mayes Road, there are some mini roundabouts for you to negotiate too.

Arnos Grove

With plenty of wide residential streets, this is a great place for learner drivers to practise their driving. Brycedale Crescent, Forestdale, Langside Crescent and Minchenden Crescent on the east side of Arnos Park are all worth taking a drive around.

Torrington Park

Another area for beginners to practise their driving is Torrington Park, near North Finchley. Due to its wider residential roads, it’s a quiet area for learners. Ravensdale Avenue, Grove Road and Mayfield Avenue, are just a few roads in the area well worth a visit.

Wood Green

It’s no surprise that this area is popular with driving instructors since it’s complete with bus lanes, zebra crossings, T-junctions and quiet residential streets to practise parallel parking. Better yet, there’s a test centre in Wood Green, so it could be handy to get familiar with the area. Lordship Lane, Salisbury Road and Coombe Road are our favourites for a spot of practice.

Intermediate Driver

Downhills Park Road Roundabout

Our local driving instructors have singled out this natty little roundabout as a good practice spot for intermediate learners. Try going right at the roundabout from Downhills Park Road onto Belmont Road to get onto Wood Green Road, which is a bustling A road. There are some calmer residential areas nearby for you to practise doing some manoeuvres too.

Mark Road

If you haven’t come across some one-way systems already, now is your chance! Mark Road is a one-way system that leads towards the A10, where you can get some practise driving safely at a higher speed too.

Cross Roads at Turnpike Lane Tube Station

This is a challenging crossroad because there’s a lot of traffic, especially foot traffic from pedestrians entering and exiting the tube station. Keep your wits about you as there are likely to be cyclists dismounting nearby as well as buses and a dreaded box junction.

Confident Driver

A10 Junction at Seven Sisters

The junction where the A10 meets Seven Sisters Road, close to the Seven Sisters tube station, has one of those dreaded yellow boxes to make things confusing for you. Remember to keep an eye out for buses and their corresponding lanes around this busy junction too. There will be a lot for you to get your teeth stuck into here.

Priory Road Junction

This can be quite a confusing intersection for a learner driver, so it’s a good idea to get some practice here if you’ll be driving locally after you pass your test. Connecting the A504 to Muswell Hill, Priory Road, Park Road and Alexandra Palace Way, there’s a lot going on at this large junction but luckily there are traffic lights to help ease the flow of traffic.

Muswell Hill Roundabout

Once you’re a confident driver, this roundabout will be a piece of cake. There are multiple lanes of traffic and even a separate, bus only section to watch out for. Connecting the A504, Dukes Avenue and Muswell Hill Broadway, there’s a lot of heavy traffic to work around.