Places to practise in Manchester

If you’re scratching your head over places to practise in the Manchester area, worry no more! We’re full of suggestions, and we’ve broken them down into sections to help you find somewhere suitable for each step of your journey towards learning to drive.

Novice Driver

Globe Industrial Park

This industrial area in Dukinfield is popular with new learners because of its wide roads and lack of traffic. In fact, if you head here on a Sunday you’re not likely to see anyone at all, apart from the odd learner driver pootling around!

Bower Street

Located in Newton Heath, this wide, straight road comprises of a few residential properties and business addresses. Generally quiet most of the day, it’s a good place to head to if you’re looking to do some weekday practice.

Lyntown Trading Estate

If you’re based in Salford or West Manchester, this business park is a good choice for those first few sessions behind the wheel. It’s made up of a couple of nice, wide roads with just enough bends for you to get to grips with your steering and car placement. Try to head here at the weekend, as on weekdays the roads are made narrower by parked cars.

Colman Gardens

If you’re looking for somewhere quiet to have a first go at the three-point turn or reversing round a bend, head to this residential road in Ordsall, Salford. It’s also a good spot to learn the basics of roundabouts, with a mini roundabout at the entrance of the road. Just make sure to avoid the school rush as there’s a primary school round the corner!

Intermediate Driver


This long residential street in Alkrington, Middleton, has not one, but three roundabouts! As it’s generally quiet at most times of the day, it’s a great place to get to grips with simpler roundabouts before heading onto some busier ones.

Windermere Road

While you’re in Middleton, why not get some practice on those tricky hill starts? Windermere Road is a long residential street that loops up a hill and then back down again - so whichever way you approach it, you’ll have plenty of chances to get some hill starts in!

Waterloo Road

If you’re looking to up your confidence on urban roads, this B road in Cheetham Hill will do the trick. With plenty of traffic lights and junctions, it’s a good place to get used to a range of road systems.

Oldham Road

Dual carriageways are likely to form an important part of your driving test, so it’s worth getting familiar with them early on. We suggest taking the A62, also known as Oldham Road, out of the city. As well as giving you handy practice at lane placement, you’ll be faced with a number of traffic lights and even a box junction!

Confident Driver

Boardman Lane

If you’re looking to stretch yourself on a rural road, you can’t get much better than Boardman Lane. To the west of Middleton, it’s bordered by hedges on either side and it’s narrow enough that you’ll have to pull over if you encounter another car. And on top of that, it’s hilly!

Medlock Street Junction

If you’re gearing up to your practical test, it’s time to take a look at some of those trickier roundabouts. Take Princess Road, also known as the A5103, towards the city centre and you’ll hit this busy multi-lane roundabout where it crosses the ring road. There aren’t any traffic lights to help you onto the roundabout, so it’s handy for getting used to joining a roundabout safely. Don’t forget that since the ring road is a motorway, you can’t turn onto it until you’ve passed your test (unless, of course, you’re with a qualified instructor in a dual control car).


It’s not often that we tell new drivers to brave the city centre, but you’ll get some valuable experience on one-way systems if you head over to Manchester’s Chinatown and the surrounding areas. We’d recommend switching off that sat nav and working hard on following those one-way signs instead.

Stamford Brook Road

Have a go at joining Manchester Road from Stamford Brook Road, or the other way round. It’s a busy junction and you’ll have multiple lanes, traffic lights and a dreaded box junction to contend with. Practice makes perfect!