Places to practise in Leeds

When you’re getting to grips with life behind the wheel, finding suitable places to practise can be a challenge! That’s why we’ve decided to share a few of our favourite practice spots in Leeds, with a little help from our local instructors. No matter what stage you’re at in your learner journey, there’ll be something on here for you.

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Novice Driver

Whitehall Industrial Estate

If it’s your first time behind the wheel, heading to this industrial estate on a Sunday would be a good shout. Just up the road from New Farnley, it’s got a range of wide, straight and bendy roads - perfect for getting the hang of steering and clutch control.

Gainsborough Avenue

This wide, straight residential road in Adel is a popular destination for new learners. Once you’ve taken some time to try out a three-point turn, take some turns onto Kingsley Road, Gainsborough Drive and Kingsley Avenue - you’d be hard pressed to find somewhere quieter to learn the fundamentals of junctions. Just make sure not to take a wrong turn and end up on the A660 - all in good time!

Drury Avenue

This residential street in the Horsforth area has a small roundabout that’s well signposted and quiet - ideal for your first go at a roundabout before you head onto trickier ones. Close to Horsforth Test Centre, it could be wise to get familiar with this area in case you find yourself taking your test here later down the line.

Intermediate Driver

Oak Tree Drive

This steep incline heads out of Harehills towards Gipton. With a pelican crossing halfway up, it’s the perfect place to put those pesky hill starts to the test! And, of course, it’s just a stone’s throw from Harehills Test Centre, so it could be a route you’re faced with on the big day itself.

Pontefract Lane

If it’s time to brush up on your dual carriageway driving, Pontefract Lane is our top choice. Start in Cross Green and come back on yourself when you get to the roundabout where it intersects with the M1 (don’t forget, you can’t take the motorway as a learner unless you’re with your instructor in a dual control car!). Not only will you get valuable dual carriageway experience, but you’ll also encounter a series of double lane roundabouts - two birds, one stone!

Brandon Crescent

Now you’ve got the basics down, you’ll need to push yourself with some country driving - and Brandon Crescent is sure to stretch your skills. Just north of Shadwell, it’s narrow and winding, so remember that the national speed limit won’t always be appropriate here. You’ll also have to pull over if you encounter another car, so stay alert!

Confident Driver

Meadow Road, Dewsbury Road and Victoria Road

Just south of the city centre, these three roads form a figure of eight that’s tricky to get your head around. If you’re feeling brave, have a go at approaching the centre from Dewsbury Road - it’ll be a real lesson in switching lanes and reading lane markings and road signs!

Sheepscar Junction

If you’re really looking to challenge yourself, Sheepscar Junction is the place to do it. With heavy traffic, multiple lanes and a ton of street markings and road signs to follow, it’s one place where staying calm under pressure is key.

City Centre Loop

The likelihood is that you’ll have to deal with this one-way route circling Leeds city centre regularly once you’ve passed your driving test - so why not get the hang of it now? It’s around two miles long, has 18 junctions for you to handle, and befuddles drivers and sat navs alike. Keep a sharp eye out for your exit, as once you’ve missed it you’ll have to go the whole way back round again!