Places to practise in Edinburgh

If you’re looking to give your driving skills a boost by practising between lessons, we’ve got your back! Whether you’re a complete beginner or ready to take your test tomorrow, we hope you’ll be able to find somewhere perfect in this compilation of our favourite places to practice in Edinburgh.

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Novice Driver

Carrick Knowe

Carrick Knowe is a relaxed, quiet place to begin learning to drive. Broomfield Crescent offers a chance to ease your way into steering. It forms a short loop with both Broomside Terrace and Saughton Road North, which can become a familiar route along which to practice signalling and turning.


Collington is a great place to gain confidence with the accelerator and clutch control - its long straight roads mean you can think more on the pedals and worry less about steering (you’ll still have to be able hold a straight line though of course!). A good circuit can be made of Redford Avenue and Redford Loan, where you can perfect moving off and stopping.

East Craigs

East Craigs offers some quiet residential roads, with the odd roundabout to gently introduce you to them. One route to try is to head south on Drum Brae Street, a slightly busier road, to try out the roundabout at the end of it. You can then head west (the third exit) onto Glasgow Road and turn right onto the quieter residential streets again.

Intermediate Driver

Riccarton Mains Road, Currie

Close to the Currie driving test centre, Riccarton Mains Road is likely to come up on the driving test route. We recommend driving over the roundabout on Riccarton Mains Road, go down to the A70, where you can practise driving at a higher speed, then turn left turn onto Wester Hailes Road and continue down until you get to the Clovenstone Roundabout. With the variety of challenges, this route will really help you test your driving skills.


Plugged with parked cars, roads in Blackford like West Savile Terrace are a great location for the intermediate driver to practise their manoeuvres, in particular the parallel park. The road goes on to meet Blackford Avenue, Charterhall Road, and Maurice Place in one big phased junction. You’ll have to know which lane to take and be alert to other cars, which sounds simple, but can often prove tricky. If you can master this you’ll be making good progress.


Restalrig can become a maze of residential roads, but if you take Restalrig Road itself, heading south, you’ll be challenged by a series of roundabouts. The road then meets the A1 by the Meadowbank Shopping Park. From here you can enter Meadowbank to perfect your bay parking, or continue on the A1 in towards the centre of Edinburgh.

Advanced Driver

A199, Musselburgh

The A199 runs parallel to Fisherrow Harbour and is a stone’s throw from the Musselburgh driving test centre. Our tip is to turn off the A199 onto Newhailes Road, go straight over the roundabout and turn left onto Clayknowes Road before turning left again onto Stoneybank Gardens. This quiet residential area is perfect for practising your manoeuvres in an area which could come up in your practical driving test.

A1, Edinburgh

The A1 can take you into the busy heart of Edinburgh, along past Calton Hill and then past Edinburgh Waverley. You’re sure to encounter traffic and cyclists which will test your clutch control and awareness. If you can stay safe and calm in the packed centre of Edinburgh, then hopefully you’ll be well on your way to dealing effectively with the pressure of your practical driving test.


Heading west on Glasgow Road you’ll meet the Gogar Roundabout. It can be intimidating at first sight with all its various exits. Our tip is to keep a keen eye out for the signs indicating the slip road that will take you up to the roundabout. Try to find your lane early and listen closely to your instructor. From the roundabout you can join the Edinburgh Bypass, a long dual carriageway where you can perfect your driving at higher speeds.