Tips for passing your driving test in North West London

Our top-rated local instructors are full of tips to help you pass first time in North West London.

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It’s well known that some driving test centres have higher pass rates than others and their driving test routes will incorporate a variety of driving experiences. This is also the case in North West London. To help you out, we’ve spoken to some of our locally based driving instructors to get some tips to help you pass your driving test.

During your driving lessons and practice with a friend or relative, you will no doubt have experienced heavy traffic and busy roads in North West London. But don’t let this put you off, especially during your driving test! The key is to remain calm and to have strong observation skills to help you when out and about. Remember to watch out for road signs, traffic signs and other drivers and pedestrians around you!

One of the common reasons for failing a test at Hendon Test Centre is poor observation. Local Midrive instructor, Shapour, has this advice for learner drivers, “Remember to check your side mirrors during your test, especially when changing lanes in busy traffic.” It’s also common for learners to fail for poor observation at Mill Hill, particularly on tricky roundabouts such as the Barnet Way roundabout.

One of our driving instructors has advised, “I highly recommend that learners get lots of practice in the areas close to the test centre, so they can gain more confidence before taking their driving test.” So if you’ve booked your test in Mill Hill, a great place to practise is on the Hale roundabout, which has two roundabouts nestled next door to each other. And if you’ve picked Hendon Test Centre, give the Grahame Park Way roundabout near Colindale a go.

Don’t get overconfident when you’re on the way back to the test centre at Hendon. According to Shapour “the road leading into the driving test centre is quite narrow, so you should drive slowly when approaching it at the end of your test.” Overconfidence can be as detrimental to passing a driving test as underconfidence, so take things slow and steady to increase your chances of passing.

There are also several narrow residential roads with parked cars either side that feature in test routes from both the Hendon and Mill Hill test centres, so make sure you’re comfortable driving on this type of road - particularly when it comes to meeting traffic coming from the other direction.

But luckily for you, if you’re going to be taking your test in North West London you can relax a little. According to Shapour, “most of the test routes at Mill Hill and Hendon aren’t too challenging overall when compared to other test centres across the London area.” As with any test centre, it’s a good idea to arrive early because there can be queues at the toilets, and make sure you also bring some water with you.