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How to: deal with tailgaters

Most of us have had to deal with tailgaters. Whether we’ve been driving for 2 days or 20 years, there always seems to be other drivers who just don’t like being behind us. Drivers who tailgate can be intimidating, but knowing...


A guide to defensive driving

You might think that learning what to do in the driver’s seat is tough enough without having to worry about what everyone else is doing around you, but anticipating other drivers’ actions and expecting the unexpected is all p...

New drivers' guide to tyres

The new drivers’ guide to tyres

Tyres aren’t the most fascinating of subjects, but every driver should know how to look after theirs, what the legal requirements are and how to find your spare. You might not have given much thought to your tyres whilst lear...


Driving at night

Driving in the dark presents a whole host of new challenges. Driving at night is something which learner drivers will get a bit of experience of in their driving lessons, but it’s important to make sure you’re prepared for ta...


Driving through flood water

It might not have been a white Christmas, but we’ve certainly had our fair share of adverse weather conditions over the festive period. With parts of the UK having been covered in floodwater over the past couple of weeks, we ...


How to change a flat tyre

It can be pretty unnerving the first time that your journey is interrupted by a flat tyre or puncture. Being stuck at the side of the road with a limping car and a car jack that you’ve never even looked at, let alone used, is...