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What is a mock driving test?

2 min read • Nov 22, 2018
What is a mock driving test

Taking a mock driving test is a great way to get yourself prepared for the real thing. Many driving instructors encourage their learners to take a mock driving test a couple of weeks or so before their real driving test, as it helps them to get a feel of what the driving test will be like.

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Why should I take a mock driving test?

Once you’re at test standard and you’ve started thinking about taking your driving test, you’ll need to make sure you’re prepared. Whilst you will have learnt everything you need to know in your driving lessons, getting ready for what will happen on the day is also vital.

Knowing what to expect from your driving test can put your nerves at ease and help you to get in the right mindset on the day. The driving instructor you take the mock driving test with will know exactly what happens on the driving test and will, therefore, be able to make it as realistic as possible.

Booking your mock driving test

Your driving instructor will be the obvious choice when it comes to booking your mock theory test, but it’s a good idea to try and find another driving instructor for the mock test. This will make it feel more like the real thing, as you won’t have the familiar company of your driving instructor next to you.

Your driving instructor might be able to organise this for you, depending on whether they know of any other driving instructors who are happy to take the mock driving test with you. If not, find a driving instructor in your area to book one or two hours with. When doing this, try to find someone with the same or a similar car to your driving instructor, in order to make the mock driving test as constructive and as similar to your real driving test as possible.

What will happen during my mock driving test?

If your mock driving test has been booked with a different driving instructor through your own instructor, it’s a good idea to book a two hour driving lesson on the day. This will give you an hour for the mock test plus an hour to run through what went right, what went wrong and what you need to work on for your driving test.

You will meet the driving instructor you’re taking your mock driving test with and then you’ll go into test conditions. The driving instructor will most likely have a DL25 driving test report to mark on throughout the mock test. This is the official driving test report which the driving examiner will use on your driving test, so you’ll be able to get a good idea of exactly how you’ll be marked on the day.

The driving instructor may ask you to complete an eyesight test and some show me tell me questions before you start the practical part of the driving test. They will then take you through the mock driving test, asking you to complete one or two manoeuvres, the independent driving assessment and possibly an emergency stop.

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At the end of your mock driving test

When you’ve finished the mock test and have parked up and secured the vehicle, the driving instructor will tell you whether you’ve passed or failed the mock driving test. If you passed, well done! The driving instructor will take you through any minor faults you received and how you can improve for your actual driving test.

If you failed, don’t worry, there’s still time to work on things before your driving test. Take all of the feedback the driving instructor gives you on board, and make sure you work on these things in your driving lessons leading up to your driving test.

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