Basic Skills

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How to reverse around a corner (left corner reverse)

How to do an emergency stop

The emergency stop is a simple element of the driving test but it is also one which catches a lot of learner drivers out. It’s not quite as simple as slamming the brakes on and hoping for the best; a good emergency stop requi...


How to do a hill start

Learning to drive is a great way to gain independence and to open up opportunities, but there will be challenges along the way. Once you’ve got the hang of handling the vehicle, your driving instructor will take you through a...

Don't forget your mspsl routine

Don’t forget your MSPSL routine

You may have heard of the mirror, signal, manoeuvre (MSM) routine. It’s as familiar a part of learning to drive as L-plates and stalling, but many driving instructors now consider mirror, signal, manoeuvre to be a bit out-of-...


When to use your indicators

Whether you call it signalling, using the indicators, turning on the blinkers, or something else, letting other road users know what you’re doing is more than just a matter of good manners; it’s an essential part of road safe...


How to turn left and right safely

When you’re learning to drive, how to approach and how to turn at a junction will be two things which your driving instructor will teach you early on. Knowing when it’s safe and when it’s not safe to go is something you shoul...


How to avoid stalling a car

Learning to drive can be a tricky business. As if you didn’t have enough to worry about with trying to master reverse parking; you’ve also just experienced the joys of stalling in front of a queue of traffic. Don’t worry thou...