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The driving report explained

Throughout your driving test, your driving examiner will be marking any faults you make whilst on the road on a piece of paper. Faults will be separated into levels of severity: minor faults, serious faults and dangerous faul...

top 10 driving test tips

Top 10: Driving test tips

The practical driving test is the final challenge for learner drivers. Pass it, and you’re a fully qualified driver, free to explore the roads without L-plates stuck to your car or a driving instructor in the passenger seat. ...


Bad weather driving test tips

Driving in bad weather is something we all get used to pretty quickly in the UK, but what happens if you have bad weather on the day of your driving test? Unfortunately, you can’t control the weather conditions and you might ...

How to drive in the rain

How to drive in the rain

Let’s face it, motorists in the UK get more experience than many when it comes to driving in wet conditions, and by the time you've finished your driving lessons, you'll probably have a ton of experience. Even in the summer, ...

driving in snow and ice

Driving in snow and ice

Driving in snow can be daunting for even the most experienced drivers, and you're unlikely to have encountered it in your driving lessons. So, if you’re taking to the roads for the first time this winter, you’ll probably want...


How to parallel park

The parallel park, also known as the reverse park, is one of the trickier manoeuvres that might come up on your driving test. Control, thorough observation and finesse are required, but with our tips and plenty of practice du...

Turn in the road

How to do a turn in the road

The turn in the road, also called the three-point turn, though no longer examined on the driving test, is a manoeuvre instructors are still encouraged to teach in your driving lessons. It’s a relatively simple manoeuvre, alth...

How to overtake safely

How to overtake safely

Overtaking is something which you probably won’t have done a great deal of during your driving lessons, but it’s important to know how to do it safely. There may be times when you need to overtake a slow moving vehicle, cycli...


How to drive on rural roads

Whilst many learner drivers don’t have to worry about driving on rural roads during their driving lessons, those who live in the country will have to get used to driving on winding roads where a whole host of new hazards exis...


How to avoid aquaplaning

Aquaplaning is when your car loses traction on the road to due to surface water. It happens when there is a layer of water between your tyre and the road, meaning the driver may lose control of their vehicle. ...

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