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Should I take an intensive driving course?

2 min read • Nov 23, 2018
Should I take an intensive driving course

There are a number of ways you can learn to drive. All involve the same milestones in terms of what you’ll need to learn, but some people choose to take an intensive approach to getting that pink driving licence. Intensive driving courses are great for people who need to get their driving licence quickly or for people who work best under pressure. They’re not, however, for everybody, and here we look at how they work to help you decide whether or not you want to go intensive with your driving lessons.

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Is an intensive driving course easier?

The short answer is no, they’re not. Regardless of whether you choose to take 2 hours of driving lessons a week or you take a week long course, you will still need to take exactly the same driving test. You will need to take your theory test and learn all of the manoeuvres in order to pass your driving test.

Some learner drivers might find an intensive course easier, but this is purely down to the way that an individual learns best. Whilst some learners can struggle with the pressure of an intensive driving course, others find the fast-pace of an intensive course to be really beneficial.

How much does an intensive driving course cost?

The price of an intensive driving course depends on how much the driving instructor or driving school you choose charges. The overall cost of an intensive course is generally based on the full course rather than on an hourly rate, but this may differ depending on who you take your course with.

It might also be worth booking an assessment driving lesson with a driving instructor before booking your intensive driving course. This will give you an idea of whether an intensive driving course is the right option for you, before you commit to anything.

Intensive driving courses – The positives

Intensive driving courses allow people to get on the road quickly, if they need their driving licence urgently for employment, or for any other reason.

Learning styles differ from person to person. If you work well under pressure and are good at retaining a lot of information in one go, an intensive driving course could be the best choice for you.

Going intensive could be the most cost effective option if you find it fits to your learning style. Paying a one off fee could see you spend less than having driving lessons stretched over a period of a few months. As long as you pass, that is!

Intensive driving courses – The negatives

Intensive driving courses don’t work for everyone, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll pass at the end of the course. There are concerns over how safe intensive driving courses are. Whether learner drivers get enough on-road experience on an intensive course has been up for debate, with some road safety organisations criticising how well equipped the learner would be for solo-driving. Learner drivers who take intensive driving courses might not have the benefit of experiencing varied road and weather conditions. Although your driving instructor may be able to do some night lessons, weather conditions may not change enough over a week long period.

Getting more experience

If you do choose to take an intensive driving course, you might also want to enhance your on-road experience with a Pass Plus course. Once you’ve passed your driving test and you’ve got your driving licence, a Pass Plus course will allow you to gain some more experience of driving in different road and weather conditions.

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