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How much does learning to drive cost?

2 min read • Nov 26, 2018
Learning to drive cost

There isn’t a set figure to pay when you learn to drive, as the total cost very much depends upon the individual learning process. The price of getting on the road, however, can mount up, so it’s important to know what sort of figures you can expect to pay.

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Budgeting for being a learner driver can be tough, but making sure you know what some of the key costs are should help you prepare for the financial side of getting your driving licence.

How much does a provisional licence cost?

The first step in the process of learning to drive is applying for your provisional licence. This costs a one off fee of £34 and you can apply for your provisional licence online.

How much do driving lessons cost?

How much your driving lessons will cost depends upon a number of factors. How much your driving instructor charges per hour and how many lessons you take, for example, will have an effect on the price you end up paying.

Make sure you don’t, however, just take price into account when trying to find the right driving instructor, because choosing the wrong instructor could mean you have to take more lessons and that you end up spending more for your driving lessons in the long run.

DVSA research suggests that the average learner driver requires 47 hours of driving lessons with a professional driving instructor, and, at an average cost of £24 an hour, that’s a total of £1128. Again, this is very much an estimated cost and some learner drivers will end up paying more while some will end up paying less.

You may also be able to get discounts on your driving lessons by booking your lessons in blocks or finding out if your driving instructor does any special offers.

Private practise

If you’re also going to do some private driving practise with a family member or friend, you’ll need to make sure you’re road-ready in your own vehicle. This involves getting your car insured with learner driver insurance and making sure you’ve got a set of L-plates to stick to your vehicle.

A number of insurance providers offer insurance policies for learner drivers and prices aren’t as high as you might expect them to be. We Are Marmalade, for example, offer learner driver insurance from £85 a month and their policy protects the car owner’s no claims bonus.

It’s worth shopping around a few car insurance companies to find out what they have to offer in terms of policies for learner drivers.

How much does a theory test cost?

The cost of a car theory test is £25. You can pay for and book your theory test at Gov.uk.

How much does a practical driving test cost?

The cost of a practical car driving test depends on when you take it. Tests taken on weekdays cost £62, whilst driving tests taken on evenings, weekends and bank holidays cost £75.

You can also pay for and book your practical driving test at Gov.uk.


There are certain costs you’ll have to prepare for when learning to drive, but the financial side of things will be much more manageable if you know what to expect.

Whether it’s you, your family or a mixture of both who’ll be paying for your driving lessons, you should take the time to come up with a budgeting plan. Don’t, however, try to set yourself too rigid a time frame to pass your driving test in, because everyone learns at a different pace.

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