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15 pics and gifs of animals driving cars

1 min read • Posted Feb 8, 2019

If there’s one thing we can’t get enough of it’s anything involving cats, dogs and 4-legged creatures in general. So, solely for your entertainment, here’s 15 pics and gifs of cats, dogs (and any other animal we could find) driving a car. Enjoy!

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1. This cat needs to look where he’s going

cat car

2. And this cat looks pissed off

get off the road

3. Don’t try this at home… even if you are a chicken


4. Fair question

cat window

5. Just getting some practice in…

tractor dog

6. Boy racing dog


7. Sassy


8. ‘Cos anything goes down under


9. Valuable lesson: dog always wins


10. This is why a dog is man’s best friend


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11. Cars are sometimes TOO exciting

crazy cat

12. Bet you wish your chauffeur looked like this


13. They see me rollin’…


14. No time for selfies


15. And finally… this dog wants pizza


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