Get time back with the Midrive Instructor app

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Reduce your admin, save on cancellations and increase your earnings. The Midrive Instructor app works for both independents and franchisees, and with all your learners (including private learners).

Smart diary

Schedule lessons for all your learners using a simple, customisable 1, 3, 5 and 7-day view.

Smart diary screen

Lesson reminders and notifications

Send your learners automated lesson reminders, or fill last-minute cancellations by quickly notifying learners of empty slots.

Lesson reminders screen

Track your earnings

Never forget about a lesson again! Get automated lesson reminders and use the in-app chat to easily schedule lessons with your instructor.

Track earnings screen

In-app chat

Separate your work and personal life, by containing all learner communication in the app.

Learner chat screen

Success stories

We help over 2,000 ADIs to manage their lessons.

Alistair Peoples

Alistair Peoples

Former CEO of the DVSA

“I believe Midrive parallels the road safety objectives that were set with the DVSA… It gives instructors a way to more easily provide their learners with the tools to become confident drivers, rather than to simply pass the test.”

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