Top 10 gifts to buy new drivers

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Passing your driving test is a massive landmark, and something that’s definitely worth celebrating. If you know someone who’s just ditched their ‘L’ plates, it might be nice to get them a little pressie to mark the occasion. But what do you get them? Something for the car makes sense, but it’s not as if you can gift wrap a spare tyre and some screenwash.

But fret not, as we’ve compiled a list of the best gifts to help any new driver hit the road in style. You never know, gift one of these and you might even bag yourself a few free lifts.

10. Air freshener

Cheap as chips, fits inside a greeting card and absolutely necessary if you’re intending on doing some late night fast food runs, the air freshener is an ideal gift to buy for a new driver. Coming in all shapes and sizes, from cute and fluffy to downright obscene, you’re bound to find one to tickle anyone’s funny bone.

9. Keyring

This one’s pretty open to interpretation. A keyring could just be another cheap gag gift to make any new driver giggle (or cringe, depending on what you’re going for), or if you’re really looking to impress, you could splash out on a jewel-encrusted designer piece. Both hold keys together equally well.

8. A Midrive Gift Card

They’ve passed their test, but are you still sweating in the passenger seat? Had a few near-death experiences? Buy them a Midrive gift card and sort them out with a Pass Plus lesson or some refresher lessons. Anything to make them a better driver!

7. Aux Cable

If they don’t have one already, a good, lengthy aux cable is vital for any new driver. Not only will it allow them to listen to their entire digital music library on the road, but you’ll lay claim to being in-car DJ whenever you ride shotgun. Did someone say Nickelback? We hope not.

6. Custom Driving Playlist

While on the subject of music, it can be a nice touch to make a new driver a custom driving playlist. Not only is it perfect if you’re strapped for cash, but it shows that you’ve spent time considering what songs should be the soundtrack to their first road trips. That’s pretty special.

5. Car Decals

Any new driver dreams of pulling away in a luxury coupe or high powered sports car, but unfortunately most will have to settle with a 15-year-old Vauxhall Corsa or worse, the dreaded tape deck. A cheap way to help them indulge their fantasies could be gifting some obnoxiously loud car decals. Remember, if it has flames on it, it’ll go faster. No exceptions.

4. Parking Sensors

Some new drivers have a bit of a habit of bumping things while parking. Kerbs, bollards, grannies, you name it, they’ve bumped it. They call it ‘feeling my way into a space’, everyone else called it ‘bad parking’. Simple sensor kits are a great gift to buy new drivers to help them avoid scuffed bumpers and angry grandparents.

3. Roadside Assistance

Gifting some roadside assistance is a great way to help new driver build confidence on their first few miles. There’s nothing more terrifying than breaking down on a lonely road alone, so it can be really reassuring to know that if the worst was to happen, rescue is but a phone call away. Be someone’s guardian angel!

2. Sat Nav

We get it, everyone has Google Maps on their phones now, so who really needs a sat nav. But with the UK driving test now requiring you to find your way with a TomTom Start 52, a new driver will have had some experience with one already in their driving lessons, and may feel more comfortable sticking with it post-test.

1. Driving Gloves

Nothing says style and sophistication like a good pair of leather driving gloves. They may not be as widely used as they once were, but as soon as you slip on a pair of those babies, you’ll instantly feel like James Bond, no matter if you’re off to a cocktail party or just nipping over to Tesco’s in your PJs.

And that’s a wrap on our top picks of gifts to buy new drivers. Think we missed anything? Let us know and don’t forget to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our Youtube channel for more great content.