Midrive promo codes

Find your freedom for less

What are Midrive promo codes?

We want to make it easier, safer and more affordable for you to find your freedom.

A Midrive promotion code will help you to get on the road for less - whether it’s a discount code for your first lot of cheap driving lessons, or a voucher code for you to top up on your lesson hours.

And the best thing? You could use the savings to enjoy your first road trip!

Nobody wants to pay more than they have to.

Here's a special promo code from us!

Use promo code STEER for £10 off your first driving lesson package of 10+ hours.

Enter your postcode to get started.

Common questions

Where do I find Midrive promo codes?

As well as the promo code above for £10 off your driving lessons, we release other discount codes from time to time. We usually email these out to our mailing list, or post them on the website.

How do I get a Midrive discount code?

The best way to keep updated with Midrive discount codes is to check the website regularly, or join our mailing list!

How do I get student discount codes for Midrive?

We don’t offer specific discount codes for students, but we do offer discount codes regularly to our mailing lists and current learners. Check the website from time to time, or join our mailing list to stay updated with the latest promotion codes.

Can I use more than one promo code?

No, you can only use one promo code at a time. However, you might be able to use more than one promo code during your journey learning to drive with us!

Does it matter which Midrive promo code I use?

No, but you may come across promo codes for different amounts. It goes without saying that you should probably use the highest one!

Where do I use my promo code?

On the payment page during the checkout process, you’ll find a promo code box. You should enter your promo code in here to update the balance you need to pay.

Can I use a promo code retrospectively?

Unfortunately, we can’t apply discount codes retrospectively. So, make sure you enter your code during checkout and let us know if you have any issues before you book!

Do you price match promo codes?

We don’t price match promo codes. That’s because we release promo codes of varying amounts at different times of the year and at different stages in the learn to drive journey.