How to pass your driving test if you’re superstitious

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If you’re one of those people who would rather walk in the road than under a ladder, or you have to touch wood to prevent anything bad ever happening, it’s time to listen up.

1. Crack an egg on each tyre

You’re going to need to take a little trip down the shops before you go on your driving test, because apparently cracking an egg on each tyre is a sure fire way to make sure you pass. Well, at least it is if you listen to the girl’s mother who did this before her test. She also bought her an evil eye toy to keep away jealous vibes. Laugh all you want but this learner passed her test.


2. Two drains girl

It’s one thing not wanting to stand on three drains in a row, but having to pull over, get out of the car and stand on every double drain to make sure you pass your test seems a little excessive. Unless, of course, you’re the girl that actually did this and passed her test first time with two minors.

3. When lucky pants just aren’t enough

Wearing your lucky item of clothing isn’t that weird, but one woman took this one step further. Insisting on wearing the t-shirt she gave birth in and the trousers she was wearing before she conceived (7 years earlier), this lady must have stood out a little more than the usual candidates.


4. Go bananas

Remember when your mum used to tell you to eat a banana before every exam to keep your brain alert? It seems that that advice stuck for one learner driver who made sure she ate two bananas before her driving test. And guess what? She passed.

5. A little help from Luigi and friends

Apparently it’s not just your driving instructor who can get you ready for your test these days, as one learner used Mario Kart to brush up on her driving skills. We imagine there was less banana skins and red and green shells to contend with on the real thing.

mario kart

6. The lucky chocolate bar

One woman gave her husband a chocolate bar before he passed his HGV test, so the family tradition is now to give each child the same brand of chocolate bar before they go off to take their driving test. So far, all of them have passed first time. We’re not surprised, chocolate makes everything better.

7. And the ones which weren’t so odd…

There were also a few more ‘normal’ rituals which learners stuck to to help them pass their driving tests. Some, for example, brought their lucky toy, saluted magpies, or refused to take their test on Friday 13th. Personally, we prefer the crazy ones.


But whether you're superstitious or not, there are a few rituals that could definitely help - like booking a driving lesson with your instructor right before your test. That will really help you get into the swing of things. And turning up early is another that we'd definitely recommend. Good luck!