Have you got road rage?

2 min read • Posted Nov 26, 2018
Have you got road rage

If there’s one thing we hate more than bad manners, it’s bad manners on the road. We know that being a driver can be tough sometimes and that you’ll occasionally feel like calling someone a w*nker or giving them the finger, so we thought it was time to have a bit of a road rage therapy sesh.

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Sometimes drivers do some really stupid things or just seem to set out in the morning purposely to piss us all off. During your driving lessons, your driving instructor will keep you on track, but it can be tougher when you're on your own. Still, you know not to rise to it, right?

1. You’re no stranger to the horn

No, we don’t mean that kind of horn, we mean the one on your car which is supposed to be used to warn others that you’re there. If you’re using it to abuse other drivers instead, you might be about to get in trouble.

road rage

2. The fist shaker

If you’ve ever shouted out the window at another driver, told someone they need to learn how to drive or have shaken your fist like an angry pensioner, the diagnosis is definitely road rage.

road rage fist shaker

3. Racing fanatic

You can’t control how badly other people drive, all you can do is drive past smugly knowing that you’re a much better driver than they are. So, if your immediate reaction is to pull up and try to race them like Lewis Hamilton, you need to chill.

road rage racing fanatic

4. The split personality driver

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If you’re all about kittens and bunnies normally but turn into the hulk when you get into a car, you might want to reassess your driving style. If you’ve ever spotted yourself turning red (or green) in the mirror, you might just be struggling with a spot of road rage.

road rage split personality

5. Wash your mouth out

What would your nan would say if she heard you swearing like that? If your car isn’t an appropriate place for OAPs or children, the chances are you’re not the most serene of drivers. Maybe you could try yoga or meditation to make your car more of a PG rated environment.

road rage dancing granny

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