Brilliant driving school names

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Last updated: 7 Jan 2013

We’ve noticed that there are some amazingly named driving schools out there. They’re too good not to share!

The standard ones

There seem to be a few clear schools of thought when it comes to naming your driving school. First, you’ve got the ‘School of Motoring/Driving School’ folks. They take their name, pop their job on the end and voila, one perfectly acceptable business name along the lines of ‘Dave Sampson’s School of Motoring’. Simple, easy-to-find online and straight to the point. If you're looking for driving lessons, you'll know what you're getting.

The slightly different ones

Then you’ve got those who want their personality to shine through a bit more, but aren’t so sure about a ‘wacky’ name. They go for informal names like ‘Drive with Sally’ or ‘Kev’s Driving School’. The braver members of this group drop their names altogether and go for something a bit more conceptual like ‘Ignition’, ‘Freedom’ or ‘Independence’ or add a touch of class with words like ‘Prestige’, ‘Elite’ or ‘Golden’.

The punny ones

Then you’ve got our favourite group: the letter L punners. As you’d imagine, this group take the letter L and make a feature of it. L Passo, L’ter Skelter and X-L SOM are some wonderful examples of this proud and noble tradition.

And it’s not just the L punners that stand out. Here are some more of our favourites:

Purrfect Driving

One for the cat-lovers out there, Purrfect Driving is a driving school based in Bruton, Somerset. We’ve heard that stroking pets lowers stress hormone levels, so here’s hoping that Purrfect Driving’s ADIs have a feline assistant!

Steer We Go!

An excellent pun AND an exclamation mark, Steer We Go! has everything you could hope for in a driving school name. They’re based in Over, Cambridgeshire.

Flippin’ L Driver Training

Brilliant, sublime use of pun. There are quite a few driving school names along these lines, but none come close to this school based in Dover, Kent.

Drive Straight with Jason Tait

Driving schools named after their ADIs can be a little samey, but Jason Tait has added a bit of rhyme and set himself apart from the standard insert random name school of motoring gang. Simple and classy. We like it.

Wheely Wheely Good Driving School

This is, without a doubt, the best-named driving school in our opinion. It works on so many levels. Is it just a cheeky name, or is it a Robot Wars reference? Is the Wheely Wheely Good Driving School better than the Wheely Good School of Motoring? Does the ADI call it by its full name, or shorten it to WWGDS? So many questions…

Do you know of a better-named driving school?