8 signs you're a nervous driver

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Last updated: 11 Nov 2019

It’s natural to feel a bit nervous when you first get in the driving seat, but when does ‘a bit nervous’ turn into being a quivering and slightly crazy looking ball of nerves? Here’s 8 signs that you’ve gone passed the ‘first drive jitters’ and you’re actually now just a nervous driver.

1. You’ll set off at 6am to avoid rush hour

Being able to drive to and from school, uni or work is usually a big reason for wanting to take driving lesosns in the first place. If you ever find yourself considering arriving at work at the crack of dawn to ‘avoid the rush’, you might just be a little bit nervy.


2. You keep a sat nav in your glove box at all times ‘just in case’

This can actually be quite a sensible idea, but when you’re driving to the local shop and back there’s not really much that can go wrong.

3. ALL other drivers are maniacs

Some of them are, but the majority of people are actually just driving normally and trying to get from A to B. Not everyone is trying to drive into you, so just breeaaathee.


4. Your steering wheel is imprinted on your hands

If your hands are imprinted with the grain of your steering wheel leather, it might just be a sign that you’re holding on too tight. This will usually be accompanied by you having a serious sweat on.

5. Planning a new route takes at least 3 months

It doesn’t matter where you’re going or how long it’s going to take you to get there, there needs to be some serious planning done before you can even so much as think about venturing on to unknown roads.


6. People who think driving is fun are one sandwich short of a picnic

The idea of actually ENJOYING this whole driving thing is a completely crazy idea to you. As far as you’re concerned, you need to get from one point to the other without doing anything which will get you on the news.

7. You have ‘your’ parking space in the uni/work car park

And if anyone else parks in it, it will ruin your whole day.


8. Diversion signs give you palpitations

There’s nothing you dread seeing more than a sign which tells you you can’t go the way you need to do. Your emergency sat nav is screaming at you to make a U-turn but you just have to carry on into new territory.