8 emotions you'll feel before your driving test

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Your driving test is a big day, filled with fear, excitement and possibly maybe even a little bit of sick. There’s a whole mixture of emotions you’ll go through from the moment you wake up to the moment you’re told whether or not you’ve passed. if you’ve got your test coming up, we’ve put together a list of the 8 emotions you’re likely to go through on the run up to getting in the car on test day…

1. The breakfast dilemma

Remember when your mum used to always tell you to eat a banana before your maths exam? Well this is like that, only you want this more than you wanted to be good at fractions, so you overload yourself with bananas instead. Our advice? Probably best to just have a normal person’s breakfast.


2. A serious clothing issue

You’ll get changed at least 5 times, just in case the length of your t shirt makes any difference to your driving ability. More importantly, you’ve got to think about sweat patches – no light shades of grey here please.

3. Your last-minute self-affirming mantra

Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself ‘You can do this. This is your moment.’ If that doesn’t work, ask yourself ‘what would Beyonce do?’… she’d get in that car and get her driving licence, that’s what!


4. Then you regret your breakfast choice

You feel sick, and you can’t tell whether it’s the three bananas you ate or just nerves.

5. Your driving instructor makes things better

Dave the instructor must have heard about your self-affirming mantra because he is your number one fan right now. He picks you up for your pre-test driving lessons and once you’ve got in the car and done a couple of practice laps round the block, there’s no one standing in your way. You feel like you could give a Kanye West style interview right now…


6. You experience an irrational fear of ‘the mean examiner’

Word on the street is that no one ever passes with that bloke, Alan. You’re not entirely sure which one Alan is, but as a number of Alan lookalikes come into the waiting room to take everyone else out on tests, you find yourself praying for a nice one.

7. It’s time to plan a last minute escape

You’re walking to the car and this man looks just like an Alan. He’s trying to make polite chit chat, and you’re wondering whether it’s too late to run away crying.


8. And then there’s no going back

You’ve got your seatbelt on. It’s officially test time. There’s no going back now, but don’t worry, it’s really not that bad!