7 things you never understood about driving

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Before you were old enough to sit in the driving seat, driving was a confusing, grown-up thing which only your mum, dad and other mums and dads were allowed to do. As long as you could get to your mate’s village hall party (AKA the event of the year), you were happy.

But now you’re 17 and you’re actually legally allowed to get in a car and drive it yourself. Seems a bit mental, doesn’t it? Especially when we were all thinking things like this just a few years ago…

#1. Driving is a bit like Mario Kart isn’t it?

Mario and Luigi do not count as driving instructors, and you don’t accelerate by pressing ‘A’ down really hard.

mario kart

#2. So you just choose your fave number and drive in that gear?

You thought mums and dads were geniuses (that’s a word… I checked) for knowing what gear they needed to be in. They knew exactly when to change, although there was no logical explanation behind it. These days, you see gear changes are actually much less interesting.

#3. You can go as fast as you want in the ‘fast lane’

That’s why it’s called the fast lane. Only thing is, it’s not actually called the fast lane, and you can’t go as fast as you want, unless you want to get in trouble.

fast lane

#4. If you go fast enough, speed cameras can’t catch you

This is only true if you’re going 119 million miles per hour. Which you will never do, ever.

#5. Is it ok to go down a one way street the wrong way in reverse?

As logical as this was to your childhood brain, no.

one way street reverse

#6. Parallel parking is well easy

It’s a talent which all dads seem to be blessed with: the ability to parallel park in a couple of swift moves. It probably won’t be this easy the first time you try to do it (and it's definitely not something you'll be attempting in your first few driving lessons), but at least you’ve got something to aspire to.

#7. I want to sit in the boot

If you were one of those kids who had an overpowering urge to sit in the boot instead of on the back seat like a normal person, you probably thought your mum was well out of order for not letting you do it. Hopefully now you realise this was never a reasonable request.

sit in boot