5 celebrities who can't drive

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Last updated: 8 Aug 2014

Celebrities are known for their expensive cars and huge egos, right? Right… unless they can’t drive that is. You’ll probably be surprised to hear that there’s a fair few celebs out there who haven't taken any driving lessons, don’t have a driving licence, or simply just refuse to drive. If you want to know who they are, here’s 5 of them!

1. Ricky Gervais

He may be a fully-fledged grown up with a beard and lots of money, but he’s never so much as sat a driving test. Ricky said, “I don’t drive so I haven’t bought a flash car.” Fair dos.


2. Robert Pattinson

He looks pretty sexy as a vampire, but he’s not going to win anyone over with his driving skills – mainly because he finds it ‘terrifying’ and avoids it at all costs. Not so sexy now, eh?


3. Zayn Malik

He’s 1/5th of the world’s most successful boy band, but the grumpiest looking Directioner doesn’t even have a driving licence. Zayn is the only member of 1D who hasn’t yet passed his test, but don’t worry Perrie, he already has plans to buy a fleet of supercars for once he does.


4. Robbie Williams

It looks like Robbie Williams isn’t going to be one of those dads who drives his kids everywhere, because, at the grand age of 40, he doesn’t have a driving licence. Admitting he’s just never needed to drive in London, Robbie says ‘I’ll be old before I drive’.


5. Albert Einstein

He might not have been the kind of celebrity Kimye would have invited to their wedding, but, unlike Kanye, he was an ACTUAL genius. Despite his huge brain, Einstein never learnt to drive a car, and instead put the mileage in on his bike.