17 reasons to learn to drive

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Last updated: 1 Jan 2014

We all have our reasons for taking driving lessons. Whether you want to quit the bus, stop riding in dad’s clapped out Volvo or simply can’t wait to start cruising around in your Citreon Saxo, there are lots of reasons why getting on your road could (and should) be your goal.

For those of you who need a little more persuasion, however, we’ve come up with 17 reasons why you should learn to drive

1. Sitting at the back of the bus won’t always be cool

The bus will have been a place where a hierarchical system is firmly in place and the coolest kids sit at the back. If you’re used to being at the back, we hate to be the ones to break it to you, but your days are numbered.


2. No one likes a third wheel

Why drive when you can catch a lift with your mate Darren? One day he’s going to get a girlfriend to drive home instead, and you’ll be relegated back to the bus. At the front.


3. People will shout bus w*nker at you

We know this is all a bit 2012, but there are still some hardcore Inbetweeners fans who insist on shouting ‘bus w*nkers’ at anyone standing at or near a bus stop. Don’t let yourself be a victim of such bus-related jibes.


4. Because boys ‘like cars and money’

They like other stuff too, but Good Charlotte assure us that cars and money are their favourite things. If you’re a boy without a driving licence, your chances of having either may be significantly reduced.


5. Imagine you’re Sandra Bullock in Speed

How will you ever impress Keanu Reeves if you don’t know how to drive the bus!?

Disclaimer: This doesn’t mean you should drive everywhere at 50mph or over. You’ll also have to learn to drive a bus, but it’s probably wise to start with a car first.


6. The last train smells

We all know how stressful catching the last train can be. Not only does it smell, but it’s also full of the kind of people your mum always told you not to talk to.


7. You will never be like Harry Styles

…unless you can drive your numerous girlfriends around on dates. We’re not promising you worldwide boy band fame or a Range Rover, but a girlfriend could be on the cards.


8. You won’t have to leave all parties at 11pm

There’s only so many excuses you can make to leave all parties early. It’s only a matter of time before your friends spot your mum picking you up round the corner and your secret will be out.


9. Don’t be the Arg of your mates

TOWIE’s James ‘Arg’ Argent doesn’t have much luck with the ladies, and he also doesn’t have a driving licence. Coincidence? Probably, but we thought we’d point it out just in case.


10. You can have your Beyonce moment

Singing in the car is one of the joys of being able to drive. If you’ve always dreamt of being Beyonce, this is finally your chance to belt out ‘to the left, to the left’ without anyone listening.

Remember, just singing though – hands on the wheel please.


11. You can go through the drive-thru

Think of all the guilt-free cheeseburgers you could buy. Or even Fillet-O-Fish burger, if they tickle your fancy.


12. Parallel parking might be ‘your thing’

But how will you ever know if you don’t learn to drive? You don’t want to miss out on discovering this special talent, because not many of us are blessed with it.


13. Owing petrol money isn’t cool

Asking your mates to play taxi is all very well and good, but they will be expecting petrol money. Working out how much to pay without being ripped off or looking like a cheap-skate can be a bit of a minefield.


14. You will have to get a job one day

You might think the day will never come, but employment is on the horizon. When that day comes, having a car will make it a whole lot easier to a) get a job and b) to get to that job.

Don’t be this man in a suit waiting at a bus stop.


15. Being 17 is tough

Why make it tougher by being the kid in sixth form who isn’t learning to drive?

If you dress like this too, you may draw more attention to yourself.


16. You can moan about the rising cost of car insurance

The rumours are true: car insurance for young drivers is expensive. Why would you want to miss out on the chance to have a good old moan about it?


17. The Queen can drive

And she’s getting on, so you have no excuse.