11 emotions you'll feel after passing your driving test

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The feeling after passing your driving test is up there with your last day of school, finding a £20 note in an abandoned purse and realising there’s one more peanut m&m still in the packet. It’s a good day, there’s no denying it, so here are 11 emotions you can expect to feel on that glorious day when you pass your driving test.

1. Disbelief

There’s no way. You’re joking. DON’T JOKE WITH ME.


2. Realisation

He’s not joking… this is really happening. This is it, this is my moment. I can do anything I want right now!


3. Social media deprivation anxiety

There’s no wifi and 3G is not playing ball. You need to tell everyone on your friend list and your followers that you are now a fully qualified driver. What’s the point in having a driving licence if you can’t even announce it?

4. Fear

Ummm… does this mean I have to drive a car now? Like, by myself?


5. More fear

Is that even legal at my age?


6. Then you remember the pros

Drive-thru McChicken sandwich!!!


7. And the cons

Because no more driving lessons means no more 2-hour chats with your instructor BFF. Plus you remember you promised to pick your mum and dad up from that party which they will most definitely get drunk at? Yeah, you’re going to have to do that.

8. General emotion overflow

You’ve walked through your front door and announced it to your mum. You’re trying to play it cool but you’re suddenly well emosh. Is it acceptable to cry before your instructor has left?


9. The emotional breakdown

Who cares, you’re doing it anyway. Maybe the uncomfortable happy tears will stop Dave the instructor staying for a cup of tea.


10. #passed #drivingtest #happy

Because Instagram is the only place to show your real emotions of course. And you’ve finally announced your success to the world of social media.

11. Now go and dance

Like this…