10 things to do after passing your driving test

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The day has finally arrived – your driving examiner has just turned to you and said ‘I’m very pleased to tell you that you’ve passed’. No more driving lessons, no more awkward text conversations with Dave the instructor and no more getting the bus. Woohooo! But now what? Here we run through the first 10 things you should do after you pass your driving test.

1. Let the world know

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat… however you want to do it, you can finally let the world know that you’re a fully-fledged driver.


2. Have an emotional farewell with your instructor

It’s probably been a polite and slightly awkward relationship, but it’s time to say goodbye to your driving instructor. Be careful not to overstep the boundary here. A hug is acceptable, but don’t be too keen.

3. Let your mum tell you how proud she is

…and your dad tell you how it was about time and that he passed his driving test first time 30 years ago… unlike you.


4. Make sure you’re legal

It’s one thing passing your test and having a car to drive, but you need to make sure you’re actually legal to drive it. No one wants the police to come after them on their first ever solo drive, so do the boring bit and get your insurance sorted before you introduce the world to your driving.

5. Go for the slightly scary first drive

You’ll probably be terrified of crashing into everything the first time you go for a drive on your own, but don’t worry, it’s normal to be a bit weirded out by the whole thing. Just try not to actually crash into stuff, because that newfound freedom won’t last too long.


6. Impress any younger siblings with your grownupness

Because you’re an actual adult now and you can drive a car. You can do cool stuff like get to the cinema on your own and drive them to school. Not that you’re actually going to do that, but just let them know you can.

7. Plan your future life of cars

For the moment you’ll have to settle with your second hand Corsa, but who said a Lamborghini’s off the cards when you’re a successful business man/woman? These hopes and dreams will soon die down, but right now there’s nothing stopping you.

8. Make your playlist

If there’s one thing you need to start you off on your driving career, it’s a good playlist. Don’t go too crazy with the tunes though, remember you’re going to have concentrate on the road now!


9. Plan your first road trip

Now’s not the time to set off on a worldwide driving adventure, but once you’ve got used to this whole driving thing, there’s a driving adventure to be had. Recruit some mates, start a plan and get excited.

10. Go to a drive thru

Your first ever visit to the drive thru where you’re in the driving seat is a serious and life-changing moment. Think you’re ready to handle the pressure of not overshooting the window? Go get those chicken nuggets!