10 things which make all drivers really happy

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Even when you've finished your driving lessons and got that shiny pink licence, being a driver can be stressful. There’ll be times when all you want to do is drive straight through the traffic jam ahead of you (don’t), and when you’ll want to call another driver every single word you can think of (again, don’t). But for every bad driving experience, there’s situations which will bring joy into cars around the world. Here’s just 10 of them.

#1. Timing the lights perfectly

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the lights switch to green just as you’re approaching. Off you sail through (to the next set of lights) as the cars opposite have to sit and wait. You have successfully shaved 35 seconds off your journey… hurrah!


#2. Your favourite song coming on the radio

It’s like they’re playing it just for you. Hearing a spot of the song which you think might just be the best tune in the world can turn a boring journey into an amazing musical adventure. OK, that might be a bit much, but it’ll definitely make you happier for three minutes.


#3. Finding change

It’s often hidden in one of those secret compartments which have no real purpose apart from to reward you with long-forgotten golden nuggets. Finding change in your car is similar to winning on the 2p machines – you don’t get a lot but the joy goes a long way. 99p McDonalds saver menu here I come!


#4. Seeing someone you don’t like at a bus stop

There’s never a good time to see someone you don’t like, unless you’re driving around in your car and they’re looking miserable at a bus stop. This is extra brilliant if it’s also raining.


#5. When someone overtakes like an arse… and gets nowhere

Those people who insist on overtaking long lines of cars for no apparent reason are the worst enemy of most motorists, and there’s nothing better than seeing them fail in their quest to overtake EVERYONE. Yes, you will now sit behind this tractor until we reach the lights at the same time.


#6. Getting the last parking space

A full car park is a driver’s worst nightmare. You don’t want to circling around for hours, staring like a desparado at anyone who enters the car park carrying a shopping bag. So when you’re lucky enough to get the last space or, better, time it perfectly and enter just as someone is pulling out of their space, you feel like an absolute winner.


#7. When someone gives you their parking ticket

We’d like to take this moment to thank all those good samaritans of the world who give away their valid parking tickets. It’s people like you who make us feel better about humanity. When point 6 and point 7 happen together, it’s almost too good to handle.


#8. When you see a dog in a car

Because nothing makes us happier than man’s best friend.


#9. Having just enough room in the boot

If you’ve ever tried to pack a boot for holiday or moving to/from uni, you’ll know it’s like real life tetris. And just like tetris, squeezing everything in and achieving minimal gaps is a frustrating but ever so rewarding game.


#10. Seeing people driving strange things

Like this…