10 things you didn’t know before you started driving

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Learning to drive brings many new challenges, but it also teaches you some valuable life lessons too. There are certain things which only drivers know, and now that you’re learning to drive, you’ll soon discover too. In case you’re not sure what they are yet, here are 10 things you probably didn’t know before you started driving lessons.

1. Pedestrians are invincible

…Or so they would have you believe. They could be walking down the road dressed head to toe in black in the middle of the night, and they’d still expect you to spot them crossing the road. You’re going to need to have a cracking pair of eyes and top drawer observational skills.


2. Car silences can be deadly

You’ve experienced awkwardness before, but this is something else. There’s no radio, no boy-girl-you-fancy-chat and nothing but small talk about your holidays to fill the time.

3. There’s nothing like an L-plate to attract impatient drivers

If there’s one way to make sure you attract all the bad drivers in town, it’s to stick on an L-plate. People will probably beep at you or try to get in front of you any way possible, even if you’re driving exactly like you should be. Ignore these people. They suck.

4. Parking is harder than it looks

How hard can it be to fit a car into a gap designed for it to go into? Well, harder than you might think… until you know what you’re supposed to be doing. There’s a lot of turning involved, and, no, it’s not just girls who struggle.


5. You thought you knew your lefts and rights… until now

You were confident that you’d learnt how to go left and right successfully some years back, but now you’re starting to doubt yourself. The instruction to “go left at the end of the road” is followed by a moment of sheer panic, and secret L-on-hand-checking.

6. There’s nothing cool about driving when you’re on a lesson from school

It makes sense, you don’t have to get on the bus and you’re pretty much killing two birds with one stone. but it’s still really embarrassing when your mates watch you kangaroo off from the school gates. Our advice: Let them laugh all the want… they won’t be laughing when they want a lift.

7. Your have better bladder control than you thought

If there’s one thing you’ll learn on your driving lessons it’s that stopping off for a wee break is only marginally less awkward than actually wetting yourself in the car. One hour is manageable but two? Never forget to go for a wee beforehand…


8. You should appreciate your long lost Aunties and Uncles

Your long lost Auntie Mabel giving you 20 quid for a driving lesson proves that long lost relatives aren’t so bad after all. You will, however, be obliged to write lavender themed thank you cards in return.

9. Buying a car isn’t anything like it is in the adverts

Who knew you can’t just walk on to a forecourt, pick up the keys and go? There’s car insurance quotes and history checks to deal with. You’re even supposed to look under the bonnet while some TOWIE reject bangs on about great economy and roomy interior.

10. You’re not Lewis Hamilton

You thought the second you sat in the driving seat the skills you need would all come flooding to you. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, and you actually spent a couple or hours circling the car park before stalling on your way out.