Driving Lessons in Wakefield

Pass faster with our top-rated driving instructors in Wakefield. Prices start from just £25.00 an hour.

Driving Lessons in Wakefield

Where we provide lessons in Wakefield

Take advantage of our local driving instructors who know Wakefield like the back of their hand, we’re here to help! Our top areas include:

Flanshaw, Robin Hood, Thornes, Belle Vue, Outwood, Agbrigg, Newton Hill, Walton, Lupset, East Ardsley, Ossett, Chapelthorpe, Tingley, Horbury, Hall Green, Durkar and Netherton.

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Learning to drive in Wakefield

Lucky learners in Wakefield won’t have to travel far to sit their driving test, as the town has its own test centre. Make the most of the quieter residential areas just outside the town centre to practice those pesky manoeuvres and to refresh other skills you’ve learned in your lessons. Surrounded by dual carriageways A650 and the A61, which link up to the M1 motorway, there will be plenty of opportunities to get up to some hair-raising speeds during driving lessons too!

Our top tip is to practice driving in the quieter neighbourhoods of Eastmore Estate, Outwood and Stanley, especially if you’re just starting out, as it will be less congested than the town centre. There are more rural areas further afield for you to practice driving on hairpin bends and practice dealing with oncoming sheep, as well as the A roads such as the A638.

Multiple cars

Manual and automatic driving lessons

We provide lessons in both transmission styles, we appreciate choice!

So you’re all set to go on your first driving lesson, but have you thought of what car you’d like to learn in? We provide lessons with both manual and automatic driving instructors so you have the choice to learn both styles of driving. Remember, that manual driving instructors tend to charge a little less compared to automatic instructors and there are typically shorter waiting times when booking a manual driving lesson. However, automatic cars have a little less to remember in comparison to manual cars. So whatever you decide is right for you, our instructors are professional and waiting to start you off on the road to passing your driving test!

What learners say about our driving lessons in Wakefield

We’ve helped over 300,000 learners to pass their driving test. Why not take a look at some of the lovely things they say about us?

Millie Norwood
My instructor was a good laugh and a good teacher, I had an excellent experience with Midrive.
Nitesh Sanghvi
I loved that Midrive took the hassle out of finding a quality, local driving instructor