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Where we provide lessons in Stockport

Look no further for local driving instructors in Stockport, we can help you. Some of our top areas include:

Adswood, Bredbury, Brinnington, Cheadle, Foggbrook, Hazel Grove, Heaton Mersey, Heavily, Offerton and Reddish.

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Learning to drive in Stockport

Stockport is home to The Crown’s Claire Foy and indie pop band Blossoms. Sadly they didn’t have any advice on learning how to drive in Stockport, but luckily we’re here to help you - Stockport’s got everything!

Smithey Green is a great spot for beginners. Wide, quiet streets like Hulme Hall Avenue give you plenty of room to get used to the road. You’ll be able to practise moving off, stopping, signalling, and three-point turns to your heart’s content. Nearby, Granby Road’s slight incline offers an excellent chance to begin learning hill starts.

If you’re looking for a bigger challenge though, the A5145 is good experience. It connects to junction one of the M60, which you can hop onto with your instructor, or after you’ve passed your test. If you keep to the A5145 you’ll have to stay alert to all the junctions, buses, and hidden side roads on your way to Didsbury.

Heading out past Torkington you can find some great country roads to practise on. Here you’ll have to look out for sharp bends and sudden junctions, as well as other road users - which could include cars, tractors, and horses! So it’s a great test of your hazard perception skills, which you’ll need in abundance on test day.

Manual and automatic driving lessons

Manual driving lessons aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, which is why we also cater for automatic lessons in Stockport.

We appreciate that everyone’s different when it comes to driving lessons, so give some thought to the type of lessons you want. Having a manual licence means that you can drive both manual and automatic cars once you pass your test. Whereas an automatic licence restricts you to automatic cars.

Learning in an automatic car is simpler compared to learning in a manual, but lessons are more expensive. If you see yourself taking trips into Manchester, perhaps during rush hour when the roads will be busy, you might want to have an automatic. Automatics do away with the clutch, so you won’t have to worry about constantly changing gear in them. However, you will lose out on the freedom a manual can give - if you need more oomph on a hill you can simply change down a gear rather than waiting for the car to do it. The choice in the end though is yours!

Driving test centre locations

There are plenty of driving test centres in nearby Manchester, which you can browse on our Manchester page. But there’s just the one in Stockport. Your instructor will help you make the decision of where to go, and teach you all the right routes to prepare. Enter your postcode to the DVSA driving test center page to find your nearest centre.

  • Bredbury: Lingard Lane, Bredbury, Stockport, Cheshire, SK6 2QT

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