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Driving Lessons in Southall

Pass faster with our top-rated driving instructors in Southall. Prices start from just £25 an hour.

Where we provide lessons in Southall

Wherever you’re based in Southall, we’ll be there. Some of our top areas include:

Dormers Wells, Greenford, Hayes, Hillingdon, Ickenham, Northolt, North Hyde, Uxbridge, West Drayton and Yeading.

Enter your postcode above to check lesson pricing in your local area of Southall.

Learning to drive in Southall

Southall’s pretty built-up in places, so you’ll need to be a master of manoeuvres by the time you’re ready for your test. Luckily our instructors know all the best practice spots, and how to get the most out of them.

To begin, you’ll want to escape the busy town streets for the quieter suburban roads. You can start in nearby Greenford. Portland Crescent is a nice wide road where you can get accustomed to moving off and stopping, signalling, and the gears. It’s also a good place to return to when you begin to practise your three-point turns.

Southall has many narrow, terraced streets, jam-packed with parked cars, so the parallel park is going to be a vital manoeuvre. Regina Road is a handy place to perfect it on. It’s long and straight, so you’ll have a good view of any oncoming vehicles as you park. Hillary Road works well if you want to improve your reverse into a side road. It’s not normally too busy around there, and there are fewer parked cars, so you can reverse nice and easy into Wylie road. With the Midrive app you’ll be able to record every road you travel on during your lessons.

If you’re in need of some dual carriageway practise, the A40 is north of Southall. It leads eventually to the M40 which you can go on to experience driving at higher speeds, so long as your instructor is with you or you’ve passed your test. Alternatively, the M4 is to the south, although it gets quite busy with London Heathrow very close. Our advice is stay relaxed, stick with us, and we’re sure you’ll do great!

Manual and automatic driving lessons

We do manual and automatic lessons in Southall, so you can take your pick!

Deciding which licence you’d like can take some thought. A manual licence will qualify you to drive both automatic and manual vehicles, whereas an automatic licence will only qualify you for automatic vehicles. Automatic driving lessons also tend to be pricier because there are fewer automatic instructors around. However, automatics are generally easier to learn in than manuals, so you could be passing quicker going for an automatic licence.

If you plan to drive in rush hour you might want to consider an automatic over a manual as you won’t have to worry about the gear stick. But, like automatic driving lessons, automatic cars tend to be more expensive than their manual equivalent. So if you’re looking to drive on a budget, a manual licence might be better for you. We can’t make the decision for you though, in the end, it’s down to you!

Driving test centre locations

There’s a good choice of test centres in and around Southall. Don’t go thinking you have to pick one straight away though. Your driving instructor will help you make a decision when you’re ready for your test, and then they’ll get you practising all the right routes in the lead up to it. Check out the DVSA test centres page. Take a look at the test centres near you:

  • Southall: 295 Allenby Road, Southall, Greater London, UB1 2HD
  • Yeading: Cygnet Way, Willow Tree Lane, Yeading, Greater London, UB4 9BS
  • Hayes: Fourways House, Rigby Lane, Swallowfield Way, Hayes, Greater London, UB3 1ET
  • Greenford: 96 Horsenden Lane North, Greenford, Greater London, UB6 7QH
  • Greenford (Whitton Avenue East): 8th Greenford Scout Group The Lodge, Whitton Avenue East, Greenford, Greater London, UB6 0JU

What learners say about our driving lessons in Southall

We’ve helped over 300,000 learners to pass their driving test. Imagine how many are in Southall! Why not take a look at some of the lovely things they say about us?

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